NOTD - Lightning Cocktails

Sometime last week I was 'type thinking' on Twitter about which colours of crackle polish I fancied and the lovely lady from over at Worship at the House of Blues very kindly offered to send me China Glaze 'Lighting Bolt', a stark white crackle.

I sponged orange (MeMeMe 'Laura'), yellow (Miss Sporty), peach (Barry M 'Peach Melba'), pale pink (Claire's 'Awesome/ Silly') and hot pink (Natural Collection 'Foxglove') over my nails and then applied China Glaze 'Lighting Bolt'. Love it!

I'll round up this post by saying this - China Glaze crackles > Barry M crackles. Eeeend.


  1. Lily, this looks absolutely *awesome*, cue cheesy face! x

  2. I love the combo of all of them polishes! xx

  3. That looks so cute! I only have China Glaze's Crushed Candy crackle polish, but I'll try to pull something off like this :P

  4. I have not tried the China Glaze crackles yet, I've only experienced the OPI brand. But that white is fantastic for summertime!

  5. Liked this right away. Love the sponge of colors under the white crackle, great idea.

  6. Oooh this is like the opposite of the lava ones I did the other day :3 I actually think it looks better with white crackle than black!

  7. This shouldn't work but it really does. Lovely colours

  8. Very nice, its kinda like a melted ice cream sundae or a peachy/mango swirly yoghurt...mmm yum xx

  9. soooo cute! I love this nail look for summer, awesome

  10. Love this mani! What great base colors!

  11. This is such an interesting mani, really makes you look hard to appreciate it for all it's worth. Really captures your attention, I dig it!

  12. I love this! I have been wanting to get my hands on some crackle polish, just too lazy to go buy it. lol

  13. @ Jenny, thank you! I think this is one of my faves I've done :)

    @ Charli, thanks!

    @ Sarah, you could definitely do something similar!

    @ Mandy, definitely! I think it would be fab over pastel shades.

    @ tempera, thanks, I think it looks a bit less stark/ obvious than crackle over a plain base.

    @ Leanne, haha, it does look like it! I was thinking if you used black crackle, since it's the opposite of the white...How would it look with all opposite shades? Green, purple and blue sponge mani under black crackle?

    @ The Make-up Fairy, haha, I know what you means - makes far more sense to use cool shades under a white crackle!

    @ Lori, thanks - and now you have me craving ice cream lollies, darn you!

    @ Makeup Majesty, thanks!

    @ the Peach, thank you :)

    @ Sue, thanks!

    @ Melissa, thanks, i kept staring at my fingers haha.

    @ Susan, ebay is your friend for crackles :P


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