NOTD - Cosmic Pink

Reading this post on The London Lipgloss yesterday, I couldn't help but chuckle to myself - skanky or not, it seemed a great idea to me! I was feeling far too lazy to remove my chipped polish, so I took Zoe's advice and went mad with some glitter instead...

I love how glitter reflects light and how cameras can capture moving light, so obviously I upped my aperture and lowered my shutterspeed to catch the pink holographic awesomeness in action. The pictures reminded me of shooting stars :)

China Glaze 'Strong Adhesion' base coat.
ELF 'Plum' (dark, vampy, red-purple)
MAC 'Mean and Green' (that duochrome polish that was duped to glory last year)
GOSH 'Rainbow' (opal flakie)
Stargazer pink holographic glitter

Um. Yeah. If I put any more on, I think my fingers would weight a tonne! I'm most certainly not looking forward to removing this... wish I could do the tin foil trick, but that's use up most of my Honey Bee Gardens remover! Darn it...Ah well, glitter is worth it!

(P.S) Changed the watermark text to match my header - win or fail?


  1. OOOOhh love the polish, and love the photos!! :D I tend to do this quite a lot, modifying my manis with added french tips when the tips start chipping... so I can't vote against it! ;)

  2. Looks amazing! I really want to get my hands on some more glittery & holopgrahic nail varnishes xx

  3. love the first picture

  4. Ahahaha I do this all the time, and worse, I actually have a whole sequence of nail painting to avoid getting the nail varnish remover out until the polish is so thick it chips constantly and I have no choice. I layer on more base coat over the chips and over the new nail above the cuticle and then paint the main colour on top, if it looks obvious then matte top coat usually sorts that, and if I don't want a matte finish then out comes the glitter, and a few days later that's followed by crackle top coat!

  5. I actually got a dupe of the MAC polish. It is from Hard candy and it is called beattle. It is so pretty! cant wait to use it :)

  6. Great nail polish! I love the photos, they look really neat!

  7. Love it, also like the wartermark matching the header (really good idea!)

  8. They look good enough to eat. WIN!

  9. wow! That's a gorgeous mani combo. I love how the glitter glistens in the light. Beautiful photos!

  10. OMG love these! And I love the pics! <3


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