New Look Sandals!

I've had a New Look voucher burning a hole in my pocket since Christmas, but quite honestly New Look haven't come out with anything I've really wanted in that time! It's a rather 'hit and miss' store - when they get it right, they get it really right, but when they get it wrong...eesh. Anyway, I needed some new flat shoes so thought I'd see what they had in store...

I'm really surprised at what I came away with! Why? Well, I have a few rules when I come to buying shoes -
1. Nothing open toed/ peep toed.
2. Nothing strappy.
3. No wedges.
4. No sandals/ flip flops
5. If buying heels, 4" minimum height.

And yet I bought some open toed, strappy, wedge sandals with a tiny heel! I think the weaved leather, studs and beautiful colour won me over, though! Plus, they were reduced to £15 from £30 - bargain time! They're so comfortable - love 'em.

What do you think of what New Look have in store right now? I think their Autumn/ Winter stock is always stronger that Spring/ Summer!


  1. They look fab! And what a bargain :)

  2. Lovely :-) Great price too x

  3. They look gorgeous, must look out for them x

  4. They are very pretty :) Not been to New Look for ages, abused my store card way too much for a bit haha!

  5. amazing! i ahve similar shoe rules, except i i'm not so bothered about heel height and i'm very bothered that they should be leather and not pleather! eugh.

    love these though, i'll definitely be heading down to new look xx

  6. I love them, those small wedges are my favorites to walk in! x

  7. Ooooh, cute. I'd rock those with an ethnic print maxidress.


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