How to Fry Ice Cream...

Uh...yeah. Why not fry ice cream, I say?! Yesterday on Twitter, I asked if battering and deep frying ice cream would actually work. Wendy replied telling me that fried ice cream is actually a common Mexican dessert, although a lot of Asian food places sell it too. Intrigued, I googled around and finally set about frying up some ice cream balls!


 1. Use a desert spoon to scoop out some ice cream from the tub. Use your clean fingers to form them into balls - they will start to melt, of course, so don't feel that the shape needs to be perfect! Place the ice cream balls on a sheet of cling film in the freezer. 

2. While the ice cream balls are hardening back up, make the crust! Take a few handfuls of cornflakes, a good sprinkling of cinnamon, a dash of chilli powder and a generous helping of dessicated/ flaked coconut and pop it all into a sandwich bag. Crush the mixture in your hands until fairly coarse.

3. After the ice cream balls have been in the fridge for at least one hour, we can add the crust mix! Empty the crust mix into a bowl and beat an egg in another bowl. Take your ice cream ball, dip it in the egg and roll in the crust mix until coated. Place them back onto the cling film sheet and pop them into the freezer.

4. After at least one hour, the ice cream balls are ready to fry! Heat your oil - you can tell when it is ready by dipping a wooden spoon handle into it - if it hisses and bubbles, it's ready. Gently lower your ice cream balls in to the oil until golden brown (about 5 seconds!) and take them back out.

5. Allow to cool slightly before eating - enjoy!

These were so easy and quick to make, plus they use ingredients which I'm sure everyone will have! The only thing you might not have would be the coconut - but it's not essential anyway. I think next time I'll use crushed ginger biscuits, and drizzle some syrup over the top before serving. Yummy!


  1. I would love to try this using cinnamon sugar graham cracker crumbs...I've had something like this at a thai food place and it was delicious!

  2. *drools* I'll have you know that I was craving deep fried ice cream all day because of you :P

  3. wowzerrrs! I am so trying this! x

  4. I'd never think to fry ice cream but I love the idea! I bet it tasted so good! I might have to try it although i'm not the best at things like this and I might burn the house down ;) x

  5. wow i wouldnt of ever thought of this but it sounds fun to do and looks very tasty!!

  6. This looks seriously tasty! Ice cream and deep fried stuff - my two favourite things!

  7. This looks delicious and sounds easy to make. I will have to try it out. Thanks :)

  8. These sound gorgeous!! Will have to try them out! xx

  9. Wow that sounds like my dream dessert! I shall try it someday xx

  10. Oooooh... with chili and coconut?! YUMMERS.

  11. OMG!!! I would never imagine it could be possible to fry ice cream! It sounds delicious... Thanks for the recipe, it's one of the most originals I've recently read!
    Kisses from Madrid!

  12. That so weird, I've lived in Mexico all my life and I've only seen fried ice cream at Japanese restaurants. Trust me, that's NOT a traditional Mexican dessert.


  13. @ D. Sadie, I gotta say - I'm a convert!

    @ Dainty Darling Digits, that sounds amazing! We don't get Graham crackers here :/

    @ Silhouette screams, go forth and make fried ice cream! Go one...that ball at the front is smiling at yoooou...

    @ Kia, do!

    @ Caz, haha, I was scared doing this! Hot oil terrifies me, but if I lived to tell the tale I'm sure you will too :P

    @ xSafarE, try it out!

    @ Julia M, haha, that was my thinking precisely.

    @ All Things Girly, it is both of those things - hope you like it if you try it :)

    @ Adele, definitely try it!

    @ lucie, do iiit!

    @ Robyn, I know! I wasn't sold on using chilli, coconut AND cinnamon at first but none of them are actually that strong once fried :S

    @ la tia marjua, hope you like it!

    @ Helga, I'm guessing these are sold in Mexican food places across the US simply to cater for the American market, then!

  14. They look so yummy! Interesting that it's a Mexican Dessert.


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