FOTD - Fire Flies

I asked on Twitter which colour combo I should use today, @smooshkissxx suggested orange and yellow, whereas @ClosedEyeTyping fancied something dark and metallic. I figured I'd go for the both!

EYES - TFSI, NYX 'Milk' jumbo pencil, Yaby yellow, Yaby white, Urban Decay 'Zero', Venomous Cosmetics 'Yellow Jacket', Fyrinnae 'Chlorophyll', ARC 'Patina', Illamasqua sealing gel, Sleek black, Kryolan white pencil eyeliner.

FACE - Kryolan ultra foundation as concealer, No.7 'Beautifully Matte' foundation, Kryolan powder, Kiss my Sass 'Suntan' bronzer.

LIPS - MAC 'Honeylove' lippy, Kiss my Sass 'Innocence' gloss.

Aaaah. There's nothing quite like a new mascara, is there?! You almost forget how amazing they feel to apply until you get another tube. I used Maybelline falsies mascara, in case you ever wondered...this is about the fifth tube I've bought! Also, new foundation! The colour is a bit too pale for me at the moment since I'm fake tanned to glory, but I HAD to buy it since it was the most heavily yellow toned foundation I've ever spotted from a regular make-up brand.

Also, huge pictures - yay or nay? I made the width of my blog bigger and can't decide if I like it or not!


  1. I'm liking the colours! With regards to blog width, it's a bit too big for my netbook screen :{ x

  2. That's so pretty! I love the colours and the blending xx

  3. Aw superb!! It's lovely :D your eyeliner application skills make me envious also! xx

  4. That look is hott! I always love your pictures. I wish I could take FOTD pictures like you do.

  5. Please do a giveaway where the prize is a makeover by you (and please let me win!). Art, creativity, style and beauty personified. I'm not a creep, honest. Just genuinely impressed.
    BTW pics are too big for a netbook, but great for laptop/computer, so I say *yay* to giant pics.

  6. Looks awesome, I love that yellow :)

  7. This is making me want to try wearing yellow eyeshadow properly, not just extremely lightly like I did that one time. RE. the width, I think you should change it back, I've got a fairly large screen with a pretty standard resolution (1280x1024) and I have to scroll widthways whether viewing the post in Google Reader or looking at the actual site. Before it fit perfectly.

  8. I love this combo! what did u use on your waterline? love the color..

  9. HOT. I love the coral waterline, and your winged liner is flawless. And well, your blending is perfect as always. :)

  10. Wow ! Love it . Loving the way you applied the liner :)

  11. Love the orange waterline!!

  12. @ jenny, I didn't even think of netbooks/ notebooks when I adjusted the width (even though I used to have one!) so I've made it smaller again :)

    @ jemma, thank you!

    @ smoosh_kissxx, thanks! Illamasqua sealing gel is amazing for getting neat lines (with a decent brush of course) :)

    @ Super Radioactive Girl, thanks!

    @ D. Sadie, aw thanks :) I just stand by a bright light and adjust my aperture to suit it.

    @ LUCEWOMAN, haha, get yourself to Manchester and I'd do one for you anyway! Yeah, big width looked fine on the PC, but I changed it back so those with smaller screens don't have to scroll accross!

    @ MakeupMonologue, thanks!

    @ sepia_raven, thanks! You have to pack the Yaby yellow on :/ Then again, it is notoriously difficult to find a decent, bright, matte yellow!

    @ Julianne, go for it! It's make-up, it should be fun :) I've changed the width back...well, it' a little bigger than it was originally.

    @ Sue, the waterline was Kryolan white liner with ARC Cosmetics 'Patina' patted over the top.

    @ Robyn, how fun?!

    @ LaaLaa Monroe, thanks!

    @ Silhouette Screams, thanks! I love having a bright waterline!

    @ Sarah, thank you :)

    @ Jonna, thanks!

    @ Mandy, thanks! Fancied a change from black or white.

    @ MissTat, thank you :)

  13. YAY to the large pictures! I absolutely love this look, the colour combination is amazing and I love where you placed the colours as well!

  14. Friggin gorgeous! I love matte yellow in eye makeup looks, which makes me wonder why I don't own a matte yellow shadow yet?

    I like the size of your photos- not too big at all.

  15. must must must recreate this!!! xx


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