Week in Photos #5...and #6






BUTTONS. I bought a remote for my camera and have been playing with it. Yeah, yeah, I know, I always go high aperture, low shutter speed for random pics but y'know what - they're fun to do!

TIME. Does 'Meet me at 6?' mean 'Meet me at 6?' to blokes? It doesn't to mine - he's always late! I found myself with time to spare waiting for him in town, so I took a few photos of the traffic and people in front of me. I'd have loved if it were busier! Maybe next time...

CHINA. Another one I took while waiting for the boy, not the best but I love the colours! Manchester's China Town is a bit shady, but there's an amazing Chinese supermarket there, I used to go in with my sister to buy 'mystery food'. They used to have a chiller in the back full of sea monsters, but I'm not sure it's there any more.

AUTOMATIC. A mask I painted for a college project...ended up washing the paint away, though!

RED? Today I bleached/ dyed my hair with a supposedly red dye...I knew it would be a bit pink, since it's called 'Rose Red' but...seriously?! It's freakin' magenta purple!

I didn't take many photos last week, or this week so I combined them - easiest option! I've also been playing with my studio light lately because I was fully aware that I have been very lazy with how I've been using it. I wish I'd done it sooner since I've been enjoying the results!


  1. love love love the time picture: my favourite of your weeks 5 and 6 xx

  2. I love these posts :) Great photography! x

  3. I've bought some red dyes before and when I've gone to wash them out it's been like.... uh.... really?! I still put magenta on top of my red if I want a bit more vibrancy, though.

    I love odd Chinese supermarkets, we had one near us at uni and we'd buy stuff and work out what it was when we got home!

  4. @ Liloo, I loved taking the pics in 'Time' and editing them all together! So fun!

    @ Jonna, thank you <3

    @ Robyn, haha, I think I'll stick to SFX 'Nuclear Red' and Manic panic...blood red (?) in future! Haha, it's a great game isn't it? We learnt that anything that looks like jelly...really ISN'T jelly :S


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