Week in Photos #4





DANDYLILOO. Liloo set up a little photography challenge on her blog and tagged a few bloggers in it, to see how we would capture dandelions. Dandelions remind me of hazy days, bleached out skies and childishly blowing the seeds away...

OM NOM NOM. Who actually makes that noise when they eat? I wish it were socially acceptable, 'Tasty food! OM NOM NOM!' Anyway, we made some enchiladas and watched Dr. Who - how creepy are those suited aliens?!

FATTY TREATS. Treats for fatties! I made some rocky road to give to my sister and her boyfriend for Easter instead of eggs - way more fun and it lasts longer!

CRITTERS. A creepy shrimp/ woodlouse thing and a TADPOLE. I'm so excited for baby frogs...soooo excited. The tadpoles have grown so much, they're much easier to spot now - still a pain to photograph, though!

REGAL. Did you know that it's illegal to kill swans in the UK since, apparently, the Queen owns them? All of 'em. Are you allowed to do that? Could I say, 'Dibs on all wombats!' if I wanted to? Anyway, this swan was bobbing along the river through Bakewell when  I went for a day out with the family.


  1. gorgeous blog! keep up the good work!
    would love your support for mine!

  2. your such a good photographer! xx

  3. Mmmm fatty treats! I wish someone made me cakes for Easter!

    Aww yay the little tadpoles are thriving! Can't wait to see the little froglets! The little prawny looking thing is bizarre! How'd that get there?!

    My dad told me about the queen owning all the swans when I used to go fishing with him when I was a wee child. As a matter of fact it's only the mute swan species that she owns - the ones that are all white with an orange and black bill like the one in your picture - not the black swans or any other species.. very picky if you ask me! I think black swans are cool! xxx

  4. Ok so, I really want fatty treats of my own right now!!! :o) also, didn't know that about swans.. Wonder if they know they are "owned" :P xxxx

  5. i am feeling so special right now :o) :O) thank you thank you thank you thank you xxx

  6. @ Miss Katatny, thanks!

    @ Kia, haha, thanks, I still have loooooooads to learn!

    @ VainGlorySinner, make yourself some rocky road! So easy and tasty :) Hehe, I keep going out to see if they've started to sprout legs yet haha. There are LOADS of prawny things in the pond, they just eat all the tiny bugs and plants so we're not worried about 'em - even if they are creepy. Oooh, now that I did not know! They probably thought black swans were evil or some other gubbins.

    @ Hannah, fatty treats are always a good thing! i've just been corrected, she only owns the white ones :) Haha, I wonder if the Queen's even bothered about owning them!

    @ Liloo, haha, no problem, lovely!


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