Top 10...Neutral Eyeshadows

Even if you're a die hard lover of bright colours - you have to confess that neutrals are a must have in every make-up collection. Matte, shimmer, it doesn't matter so long as you can fling them on and be on your way! These are the ten eyeshadows I reach for when I need to tone it down...

[[ MUA 12, MUA dark brown, Shiro 'S.S Anne', Mad Minerals 'Ruby Sunset', Sassy Minerals 'Happy Hour' ]]

MUA Shade 12 - The well known and loved £1 MAC 'Club' dupe from Superdrug. A brown based red with blue-green I guess you could argue it's not entirely neutral, but shush.

MUA Dark Brown - Because I'm far too lazy to trek back upstairs to check the shade number! This is the perfect shade for filling your eyebrows if you have dark hair, I use this every single day.

Shiro 'S.S Anne' - A slightly golden, peachy tan shade with fine silver glitter. S.S Anne is PERFECT as a one colour wash with a flick of dark eyeliner for definition. I've been wearing it all the time since I bought it!

Mad Minerals 'Ruby Sunset' - One of those deceptive shades which looks dull  as an afternoon at your Nan's, but actually transforms from a golden light brown into a glimmering wine once the light hits it. Beautiful.

Sassy Minerals 'Happy Hour' - This is currently in my 'to finish off' pile as part of P10P (which I'm failing miserably at, by the way) but it's so gorgeous I'll definitely be buying it again! A peachy, slightly golden champagne perfect for highlighting.

[[ Urban Decay 'Smog', Urban Decay 'Toasted', Urban Decay 'Gridlock', Barry M 'Chocolate', MAC 'Vanilla' pigment ]]

Urban Decay 'Smog' - You better damn well like 'Smog', because Urban Decay put it in every darn palette they release. I'm pretty sure I have three pans now! A warm, dark brown ideal for lining and deepening the crease.

Urban Decay 'Toasted' - Awesome as a one colour wash, 'Toasted' has just enough pink to keep it interesting yet understated.

Urban Decay 'Gridlock' - 'Gridlock' is perfect for pairing with dark taupes, or a slick of liquid eyeliner and bright pink lipstick.

Barry M 'Chocolate' - If you're bored of black smokey eyes, you need this in your life. However, it does tend to go patchy so be careful when blending!

MAC 'Vanilla' Pigment - I'm pretty sure everyone's heard of the wonders of 'Vanilla' pigment by now, right? Well, if you haven't, it's probably the most raved about MAC product to date and for good reason! Golden cream/ ivory with golden shimmer and a hint of pink - ideal highlight shade for any skintone.

What are your favourite neutral eyeshadows? Craving any from my list?

(P.S) Didn't mean to repost this. I realigned the photos and Blogger decided it looked better here than three pages back!


  1. Going to try and get that MUA club dupe this weekend :) I have to say though, the changing pics make me feel really travel sick :( xxx

  2. this post is making me happy
    i need that mua brown, you're using it so much!!
    what's the number for it, can you tweet it to me please? xx

  3. Love all of these colors! I don't think I actually have any of these colors, but definitely some similar ones!

  4. Haha, even I have 'Smog' thanks to the UD NYC palette. I like the sound of MAC 'Vanilla' but the others are too brown for me, I tend to avoid brown like the plague. My eyes are brown, my hair is brown, I don't need any more brown!

    My favourite neutral is UD 'Sin', though only on its own or with black liner, as soon as I pair it with a cool colour it starts to look slightly orange, bleurgh.

  5. I love Shiro S.S. Anne and Meowth.

  6. I'm so loving the gifs! REALLY perfect for showing how multi facted certain colors are! I wonder why more people haven't been putting these together for swatches! :DDD

  7. I really like these choices. I haven't tried any MUA eyeshadows, but I'd like to have a look at shade 12. Also, I quite like the moving pics - it's really nice to see how they change in the light.

  8. The MUA shadows look gorgeous, need to have a look at that Club dupe next time I'm in Superdrug. I love Mac neutral eyeshadows, Sable and Honey Lust are my faves. x

  9. MUA 12 love it :D where can I get it? since I'm not in the UK

  10. Love neutrals, want to try the MAC vanilla pigment and the Barry M one!

    Do you have the UD Naked Palette? x

  11. I love toasted and Barry M chocolate, nice list :)

  12. im not a fan of barry m too much but that chocolate looks so dark and yummy!

  13. Ooooh Ruby Sunset is lovely... all of these are! It's like a custom Naked palette o_o

  14. I want vanilla pigment! I always pass on it when I go to MAC for some reason! Gotta have Stila Kitten, probably the easiest to wear, best looking shadow in my opinion. :)

  15. Hooray, blogger is working! Vanilla looks amazing. I might look for it, I have shadows similar, but none of them are quite right, or they have a shift in them or something. MUA 12 is a favourite of mine too :)

  16. I always use MUA dark brown on my brows too - it is absolutely spot on for me. I know what you mean about Smog, I must have 4 now....

  17. I recognised Shiro SS Anne as soon as I saw it :D I think I shall use it tomorrow

  18. @ Emily, 'Vanilla' pigment is so versatile, love it.

    @ Robyn, yeah I have similar shades too, but often they're a lot more golden than 'Vanilla' pigment. MUA 12 is a stunner!

    @ Ellie, the MUA dark brown and the dark brown from the Sleek 'Storm' palette are fabulous for eyebrows. I wonder why they feel the need to out 'Smog' in EVERYTHING.

    @ Silhouette Screams, hehe, it's 100x more beautiful IRL, isn't it?!

  19. I'm ashamed to say that I still haven't tried MUA! I need to sort that out. & I love Gridlocked, just wondering if it's a permanent shade or not - looks like it's out of one of the yearly palettes.

    Great selection!


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