REVIEW - YSL 'Sensual Silk' Rouge Volupte (No. 2)

If there is one thing that you can expect from YSL, it's pure glamour. Ever since I first set eyes on a YSL 'Rouge Volupte' lipstick, I've had such a strong craving for a shining, gorgeous, tube of my own. When I finally spotted 'Sensual Silk' on Cheap Smells (worst company name ever?) my order went through faster than Jedward go through hair gel.

Is there anything I really need to say about the Rouge Volupte packaging?! I think it speaks for itself! I'm not ashamed to admit that 95% of the reason I wanted one of these was because I adore the packaging - the fabulous lipstick contained inside is, of course, a huge bonus though!

YSL 'Sensual Silk' is a pale, heavily pink toned beige which applies fairly sheer but can be layered into a fuller coverage. The finish lies somewhere between a satin and a gloss - wearable and flattering for any age and perfect for those with dry lips. I think 'Sensual Silk' would be best suited to pale, cooler toned ladies and gents, as I feel it looks a little bit off on my medium, warm skin.

When I first applied 'Sensual Silk' I was really put off - it felt like it had sand mixed in to it. I'm not over exaggerating in the slightest, it was the grittiest lipstick I'd ever worn. Dismayed, I wiped it off and tried a couple more times until the grit disappeared and left behind a gloriously smooth, soft lipstick. I'm thinking this lipstick was probably clearance stock (which is why Cheap Smells was selling it) and has probably gone a bit strange in warehouse storage - luckily the gritty texture only seemed to be within the top few layers.

Would I buy more YSL 'Rouge Volupte' lipsticks? If I had the money to, yes! The packaging is spot on, the lipstick itself is moisturising, very comfortable to wear, doesn't have a chemical smell and there's no need to add a gloss over the top - full points!

YSL 'Rouge Volupte' lipsticks come in shades ranging from super neutral pinks and browns to loud mouth pinks and gothic plums. They retail at £22 each from YSL counters, or £15.90 for a smaller selection of shades from Cheap Smells.


  1. I don't like the Texture of Rouge Voluptes that much. They're a bit too soft.

  2. I'm not a huge fan of the texture either...its a bit greasy. I have one and I did like it at first but not so much anymore, I do love the packaging and colours though!

  3. The color looks gorgeous on you in the photo! maybe it looks more off IRL?
    Oh well, I can't seem to find a good nudey lipstick that looks good on my medium tan skin. The search goes on!

  4. My rouge volupte from cheap smells was gritty too, I sent it back for a refund 0_o

  5. This shades looks sooooo pretty! I've heard those lipstick are way too creamy though 0=

  6. That's weird about the grittiness D: I pretty much want a Rouge Volupte for the packaging too!

  7. Maybe the lighting is more forgiving or something but I don't think it looks off on you at all! I like it on you a lot actually. I agree that the packaging is just all honesty, though, the formula isn't my fave. It's just so slippery and doesn't last long on the lips I find. Oh well!

  8. @ VijiS, they are very soft in texture but generally I don't mind that.

    @ Charlie, greasy? Really? I'd say mine is soft, but not greasy! Maybe you could try layering yours over another lipstick?

    @ Widdlesh, yup, it looks more pinky on me IRL (lighting is forgiving). Have you tried Viva Glam Gaga II? That might suit you?

    @ Karleigh, ah, I'm guessing it's just the Cheap Smells stuff then! I just wiped mine a few times and the grit disappeared. It's probably down to temperature differences making certain ingredients crystallize. It smelt fine so it's still ok to use I think!

    @ GABY, they are creamy but they last as well as any other lipstick IMO!

    @ Jonna, it's a lovely colour!

    @ Silhouette Screams, yeah it is :S Haha, it's so pretty!

    @ Tiffany, the lighting makes it look less pink on me than it really is :/ I can just about get away with it IRL! Definitely not my fave formula, but not bad either. I find it lasts as long as any other lippy - especially considering how creamy it is!

  9. This lipstick is so pretty! Also I just love the tubes, they make me feel all fancy and such!

  10. I like creamy lipsticks, so this sounds like it might be quite nice for me! The tube is sooo beautiful, wouldn't you just love to pull this out of your handbag? Ahh, I need one!

  11. Looks great on you, i cant make my mind up as to which colour to get! x

  12. WOW amzing lip color :D O_O


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