REVIEW - Sugarpill 'Lumi' ChromaLust

While innocently browsing a few sites to try and find a new small angle brush, I found myself casually looking through the Sugarpill section of Genie Cosmetics. I had a real 'Do I? Don't I?' moment, but then of course make-up whore in me took over and I couldn't say 'no.'

[[ Sugarpill ChromaLust box ]]

Ok, so usually I wouldn't collage pictures of a make-up box, but LOOK AT IT! It's gorgeous and cute, yet somehow without being too girly (maybe the rock 'n' roll style lace, font and logo save it?) The information on the box includes weight, company information, ingredients and the assurance that Sugarpill are a vegan, cruelty free company. Overall, a beautiful design with lots of attention to detail - it would be rude not to post these photos!

[[ Sugarpill 'Lumi' jar ]]

Sugarpill ChromaLusts come in clear, plastic jars with black lids. Unfortunately, there are no sifters or protective 'caps' (like those on MAC pigments) so you have to be quite careful when removing the lid. The label on the bottom includes the product name, ingredients, weight and company details - so if you want to ditch that pretty box, you wouldn't be losing an vital information.

[[ Sugarpill 'Lumi' swatched over UDPP, FPE, black eyeliner and NYX 'Milk' jumbo pencil ]]

A Google search revealed that 'Lumi' is the Finnish word for 'snow' - are all Finnish words that cute? Probably not, but 'snow' would be an apt name for this colour in any language! A sheer white with turquoise blue duochrome and sparks of very fine, aqua glitter. In some lights it glows a soft, ghostly shade of green - very beautiful! Unfortunately I couldn't capture the amazing blue duochrome very well, though it is very evident over a dark base, giving a smokey, deep blue, shimmering colour. 'Lumi' lasts very well over primer, blends exceptionally well, no patchiness - just a stunning, sheer duochrome which would be a great addition to any make-up collection!

I bought mine from GenieCosmetics at £8.39 for 5g of product. Sugarpill can also be purchased from Love Make-up and Cocktail Cosmetics in the UK and the Sugarpill site. Would I buy a Sugarpill ChromaLust again? Most certainly! I have my eye on the infamous 'Goldilux', now...


  1. Yes you definitely need Goldilux. Its an amazing metallic gold with gold glitter and so so gorgeous to wear

  2. omg this is gorgeous!! *-*

  3. In spanish, "lumi" is a word for saying bitch... what an unfortunate chance!

    That color reminds mi some pigment from MUFE, but yours is cheaper.

  4. I really want this, regretting not getting it when I ordered the palettes and Goldilux, because I know if I order Lumi, I will feel the need to get some other things with it :P I've heard of it being used as a cheek highlighter, which sounds like it would be amazing.

  5. I have a sample of this and I'm too scared to use it because I know it'll open a massive.... er, well I'll have to buy all the Sugarpill!

  6. Goldilux is awesome, you need to check that one out :)Lumi looks awesome, too... I feel like I need more of the chromalusts :D

  7. Ohhhh! I love shades like this! I may have to make my first Sugarpill purchase!

  8. Amazing! I'd love to try the loose next, once I've got all of the pressed. :)

  9. This looks amazing but like Robyn I'm scared to try any Sugarpill because I think I might have to buy it all!

  10. I love Lumi, it's really gorgeous. Absinthe is fantastic, too.

  11. @ Mai, I know! In every post I've seen about it it's described as being the most incredible gold in existence! I looooove gold and therefore need it in my life :P

    @ Aru, it is! So perfect for an interesting highlight colour!

    @ Jezabel, ahaha, that's pretty funny tbh. I think a few brands have a similar colour.

    @ sepia_raven, well...order this and goldilux :P I actually only caved and bought this because it seemed daft to pay £2.95 p&p on a tiny brush alone! It would be an awesome cheek highlighter on pale/ cool skin.

    @ Robyn, use it! Buy all the Sugarpill!

    @ Super Radioactive Girl, eeee, I really do need Goldilux!

    @ Hebridean Sprite, they're so gorgeous! Yay! Definitely buy Lumi in it!

    @ VampiressDoll, they're fab, I'd love some pressed ones soon!

    @ Julianne, ahaha, buy it all :P

    @ Phyrra, Lumi is gorgeous! Tbh, only Goldilux and Tiara take my fancy in the other ChromaLusts!

  12. I adore Lumi! It's my go-to inner corner highlight for blue/green/teal/turquoise/whatever looks :D


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