REVIEW - One Hand Washes The Other

One Hand Washes the Other are a US based, indie company who primarily sell soaps, scrubs and perfumes. With a steampunk/ olde worlde theme, it's hard not to be sucked in by their unique brand identity. The products looked and sounded beautiful, but the postage on everything I wanted to buy would have cost an arm and a leg...and I was paying to wash those arms and legs, so what would have been the point?! In the end, Phyrra's review of their Black Magic creme soap tipped me into making a purchase...

Everything arrived in a bubble mailer, which I excitedly shook out to reveal my order, two OHWTO postcards, stickers and a tiny wax stamped envelope. The envelope contained the invoice, a business card and two free solid scent samples. Don't you just love a company who put thought into their image and packaging? I sure as Hell do.

My order was for the Black Magic Creme Soap and a full size 'Pink Lady' solid scent. Black Magic soap has become a bit of a star product in the indie community and I wanted to find out why! I'm glad OHWTO made a creme version of the original Black Magic soap, because I generally prefer them to solid soaps. Of course, I can't give it a proper review yet since I've only been using it for a few days, but I can tell you this  - IT SMELLS INCREDIBLE. Seriously, deliciously, jaw droppingly incredible. It's an uplifting, slightly herbal, zesty scent which I absolutely adore. I know once this runs out, I'll be re-ordering it simply because I'll miss the scent of it!

'Pink Lady' was my first step into solid scents and I'm sure I'll be taking many more! 'Pink Lady' is a very nostalgic scent to me - musky vanilla. It has the same consistency of a good lip balm and, although the smell gradually fades, it does last through the day.

All in all, I'm very impressed with One Hand Washes the Other and can't wait until I can order some more solid scents! At $3.99 each, I wouldn't hesitate to call them a 'reet good bargain'. 2oz of Black Magic Creme Soap will set you back $6. If you're looking for exciting new scents or generally fabulous products, make sure you add OHWTO to your 'must order from' list!

OHWTO are currently closed as they move premises, but hope to be back up and running within the next couple of months.


  1. I've been hearing a lot of good things about that black magic stuff, lately! =D

  2. I love the OHWTO solid scents! They are a bit of an addiction for me. :) I just used the Black Magic soap for the first time yesterday and love the scent as well. It's very refreshing. :)

  3. How pretty, I love the wax seal so cute, If I get an order thats packaged beautifully it makes me want to order again and again.


  4. Yay I'm so happy you liked OHWTO!

  5. I am new to OHWTO and I'm loving their stuff! Hivemind and Pasticceria are my faves so far. That Black Magic soap is lovely!!

  6. wow! what a cool product line. definitely have to try it out!

    following you :)

  7. @ Jess, same, it's so distinctive and unique!

    @ VijiS, black magic smells and feels amazing!

    @ Susan, which is your favourite solid scent? Attempting o narrow down my wishlist.

    @ Lori, same, I'm all for companies who pay attention to packaging!

    @ Phyrra, thanks for bringing them to my attention :)

    @ Baroque in Babylon, I'll check out the scent, loving black magic!

    @ Ashley, you definitely have to try them out!


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