Raffles Bizarre 'Festival' Collection

I think I first came across Raffles Bizarre though Twitter, but since then I've found myself on their site more than once drooling over the awesome jewellery up for sale. So when the lady behind Raffles Bizarre, Jess, was asking if anyone was interested in posting about her jewellery I stuck my hand up in the Twittery air like an overexcited school kid. I thought I'd show you my favourite pieces from the 'Festival' collection...

[[ Images taken from the Raffles Bizarre website. ]]

Everything on Raffles Bizarre is handmade, nothing is bought wholesale - so I think the prices are more than reasonable.

The 'Festival' collection has quite a bohemian, natural, hippy-eqsue theme running through it so right now it's rather 'on trend'. Perfect, as you would guess by the name, for any festival goers or free spirits! Jewellery like this makes me feel a bit nostalgic - it reminds me of a friendly hippy lady who lived down the road from my family at our first house. She had wild curly red hair, a nose ring, long tie dyed dresses and her arms jingled with the sound of gemstones, beads and bangles. To the four year old me, she was a princess.

Check out the Raffles Bizarre store for loads more jewellery styles - you will seriously be spoilt for choice. Jess has even been generous enough to off you lot a 10% off code! Enter 'BBHB' at checkout to claim your discount - enjoy! The discount will not expire and I'm popping a badge and link in the side bar so you can use it whenever you wish - aren't you spoilt?! ;)


  1. I adore anything to do with zebras I have loads of stuff, that necklace must be mine one day x

  2. Thanks so much hun, fantastic post! Hope your readers enjoy it! xx

  3. Her reversible cat necklace is awesome!!!

  4. Oh, I really love the zebra!

  5. @ Lori, same! Accessorize occasionally have zebra jewellery in, too, if you ever pass one by take a look!

    @ Jess, no problem, glad you liked it!

    @ Robyn, haha, I love that too :)

    @ Rachel, isn't it lovely?!


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