OOTD - Tie up your Leopards!

Black vest top - Primark // Leopard print top - Peacocks // Skirt - H&M // Tights - Pretty Polly // Boots - Peacocks // 'Belt' - Claires

Something I wore yesterday for a little event, followed by a much needed BBQ. The leopard print top is actually a size 14, but I bought it anyway since it was on sale for £3 - I'm fussy with leopard print, so when I see a kind I like, it must be purchased! I'd lost my black belt, so I cinched in the middle with a tie I bought from Claires ages ago instead, which did the job just as well :)

Yeah, third blog post featuring these tights but hey, they are awesome.


  1. i just loveee your tights, its understandable that youll wear them a lot because they are quite amazing haha, I shall be visiting your blog again as its just soo lovellyyy :)


  2. That's a lovely top! I really like the way you paired it with the tights

  3. Loving those tights - just as I was going to get some and part with my money the summer turned up!
    Love the whole outfit as you have the same alternative style to me. I get a bit bored of ootd where they all have the geek chic going on. Socks with sandles is just wrong no matter how vintage the shoes are or how indie you are. Nice to see something else.

  4. I see ur thar with ur remote ;)

    HOW have you worn these tights more than once?! I am a serial tight snagger, I could never buy these!

  5. Love the outfit! Suits you :) and I agree about the tights!

  6. This outfit is so gorgeous, and the tights are lovely so well worthy of a few outfit posts! x

  7. Ooooh, lovely outfit! You look super hot!
    And those tights are WAY awesome!

  8. You are a style inspiration, I love the boots and tights x

  9. @ Ria, I'm obsessed with them! They have tiny holes in the top now, though :( Thanks!

    @ Katherine, thanks! I quite like buying oversized tops, now!

    @ Bee, haha, I know what you mean. I don't follow many fashion blogs because either everyone is going trying to pull off vintage in some 'ironic' way or everything they have is from Topshop.

    @ Robyn, ahaha, trying to be all discreet with the remote and faaailing! Sometimes it just wouldn't trigger the shutter -_- Better focus though, so nvm! No idea, there are a few tiny holes in the tops of 'em now, though :(

    @ unleash_the_bats, thank youuu!

    @ Raffles Bizarre, thanks :)

    @ Jonna, thanks!

    @ Jasmin, thanks! Hope everyone's used to seeing a lot of these tights :P

    @ Widdlesh, ahaha, thanks! Love these tights!

    @ sepia_raven, I think they were only £16 and they're SO comfy! Didn't even have to wear them in! Amazing.

    @ Jodie-Winyan, thanks chuck.

    @ The Peach, thank you!

    @ Annabella, thanks :)

  10. omg i just did my hair green the other day wow... this blog is so up my street!!


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