OOTD - Dark Lips and Lace

[[ Brogues - Peacocks // Skirt - Vintage // Belt - Vintage // Lace Top - Primark // Necklace - Sister's // Bracelet - Gift // Bag - Etsy]]

I was debating selling this skirt on eBay, but figured I'd try it out one last time. When I bought it a four years back, I was a bit bigger and it didn't fit very well, so I flung it in the back of the wardrobe to be forgotten about. It's actually knee length, but I rolled it up (why it looks a bit bumpy) and need to get my mother to shorten it and take it in at the sides. The bag is made from can tops and links - how cool is that?!

(P.S) Loving how deformed my legs look in the first picture -_0


  1. Awesome outfit - I love the skirt. What's the lippy - New Black?

  2. I love this outfit! I have been thinking that I'd like to own more white items of clothing, and I really like that top. The bag is amazing, from a distance it kind of looks like chainmail and the fact it's actually made of can bits is even cooler.

  3. I love the bag in fact I love anything made from recycled materials its amazing what people create from things that would usually just be discarded.

    The top is really pretty too I don't suit white but I'd love a black version of it.


  4. Ooooh gorgeous, that bag is absolutely immense!! Lovely to see you supporting handmade too :D

  5. I love the lace top! And do share what lipstick you are wearing!

  6. Lovely outfit and SPECTACULAR brows! :D

  7. Love the outfit the lipstick looks amazing too! x

  8. love this! that bag is incredible! xx

  9. only thing I'd change is a kick ass pair of heels ;-)

  10. Love it. The skirt looks fab - well saved.


  11. You look stunning! Love the lace top and the bad is INCREDIBLE! x

  12. I've made an executive Skin Scurbs decision and have decided that you are my new style hero!

  13. Lovely lips - I love your outfit!

  14. I love your skirt, vintage stuff is the best! The lipstick is awesome as well!

  15. @ Robyn, thanks, the lippy is Illamasqua 'Disciple' mixed with a basic primary red lippy.

    @ Julianne, thanks! The bag sort of is chainmail, just...recycled style haha :)

    @ Lori, definitely, love seeing things made from unexpected items. I don't suit white until I fake tan! Haha :)

    @ Jess, thanks! I always buy handmade if I can :)

    @ Krystal, thanks! The lipstick is Illamasqua 'Disciple' (dark, inky blue) mixed with an ordinary primary red lippy.

    @ Danielle, thanks!

    @ Summer Loren, thanks, can't wait 'til Autumn/ Winter when brands release new dark lipstick shades!

    @ BeautyH2T, thanks, love this bag!

    @ Rai, haha, if I could walk in heels I'd change that too!

    @ LionLovingTiger, thanks! Can't believe I was going to get rid of this skirt!

    @ Jonna, thanks!

    @ Kathy, haha, thanks :]

    @ Annabella, hehe, thanks!

    @ Rachel, thank you!

    @ Vulcan_Butterfly, thanks! Love me some vintage!


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