My Guest Post over at Turtle Beauty...

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 Just a heads up that I have a guest post on Turtle Beauty today, including bold make-up and sequin stars! So, if you're not sick of my face you might want to pop over and check it out :)

(P.S) Since the 'Followers/ GFC' box has gone a bit mental and disappeared from blogs, it might be worth pointing out the 'Follow' link up top *points* so stop going nuts - all is not lost, dear bloggers!

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  1. yeah, wth!?
    Blogger is really annoying me now, they just keep deleting stuff, posts, memories, now the FOLLOWERS!?
    Weird, ooh I'll check out you post now
    ps. totally know what you mean about thhe do not leave your blog URL's it really annoys me too :) xxx


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