Halo Hair come to Manchester!

Last Friday, Debenhams Manchester was a scurry of activity and excitement as Halo Hair's first stand popped up in store. I nipped down to their launch party to check out their products, have a chit chat with the ladies running it and find out more about the brand. 

The stand itself is sleek and compact, with products clearly on display and neatly arranged. You can find it to your left as you go through the doors nearest the tram line. There will be a few girls with perfectly styled, beautiful, awe-inducing hair milling around - you can't miss them!

The first thing I spotted were the feather hair extensions, strung up and gleaming brightly against the black surface they hovered over. I'd seen feather extensions before from other companies, but they always looked stringy, thin and well...naff. However, I actually really like the Halo ones! They're full, colourful and don't look like something I'd instantly hand to the nearest 7 year old girl. I love the peacock ones and hope I can get some soon; they'd be amazing for festivals. 

Another product which took my fancy were the halo hair band style extensions. A thin, clear band with hair 4 wefts layered over each other which sits around your head like, well, a halo. You then use your natural hair to comb over the band to hide it - no slides, no clips, no glue and SO quick to do! Perfect for adding a bit of volume and length. 

Halo Hair also sell clip in extensions (double wefted) if you fancy a new style, rafts of volume and an all together glam look. The Halo team will colour match you in the store (there are 15 colours available in store, more online) so that you can be confident that your extensions look natural. The lovely Claire from over at The Beauty Scoop had a full set installed and told me that they're surprisingly light and comfortable, you can read her thoughts on Halo Hair here.

You may or may not know that I'm a trained wig maker and hair stylist (I know, looking at the state of my hair you wouldn't believe it!). Part of this included making hair extensions by hand, installing them, styling them...So I'm very fussy when it comes to extensions because I know what to look for in quality ones. I would happily buy and recommend Halo Hair extensions - they're very well made, the hair is of high quality and I've no doubt the Halo girls would help me out with a good colour match. Not only that, but they're extremely well priced - you would honestly pay more to make your own! 

All extensions at the Debenhams stand are human hair; synthetic hair is available from their online store. Find prices online at Halo Hair.


  1. Very interesting that you are a wig maker! I did not know that! Thanks for sharing about Halo Hair!

  2. Thank you for the recommendation!

    I think those feather extensions would be so fun to have.

  3. I really like the look of the halo style ones in particular, but I think I'd struggle to find a match :(

  4. I've heard so many people say how good Halo Hair are. Must check them out! xxx

  5. trained wig maker and hair stylist: like 'the peach' i didn't know either. omg have you already blogged about this? i'd love a blog post about anything you would want to share on the topic x

  6. @ The Peach, I trained as a wig maker but it require the most patience of any other job I've come across! Much respect to anybody who does it full time!

    @ Katherine, I wore some for a while and they were awesome!

    @ Robyn, they did have some very red shades at the counter, Claire was surprised to find a decent match!

    @ Kim, their products really are top notch :)

    @ Liloo, haha, I trained as a wig maker but never continued it after college. It requires SO MUCH patience - you basically hook hair through mesh as fine as a spider web. I'm not even sure where my wig making equipment is these days!


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