What's Going on in Bad Habit Land?

Heya beauties, I thought it was about time I posted a quick update post because - as you may have noticed - I haven't been posting as frequently as I used to. It's nothing to worry about, hopefully I'll be back to hammering out posts almost daily soon! It's just because I've been busy with...

I'm on my FINAL project now! The only one we are actually assessed on :S My method of work is 'trundle along and let everything work itself out' - which always works out very well for me, but now I have to record and research every single step. 

In case you have been living under a rock, you know that I've been accepted into uni to study special effects. I've been filling forms out left, right and centre! I need to go and get some passport photos printed tomorrow to send to them with my application for a room in the halls. Naturally, I've been thinking about EVERYTHING to do with moving - from looking to jobs to buying new plates. The idea of moving kills me a little bit (just a smidge) so I've been savouring every moment with certain people I know I'll hardly ever see once I'm out of Manchester.

Project 10 Pan
One things I've always loved is writing reviews - but when you're on a self imposed 'no buy', it's pretty difficult to find things to review! I used to buy things just so that I could review them...of course, now I'm buying nothing at all I have much less to blog about.

A Question of Content
As a result of the 'no buy' I've been trying to think of what else I could post about, but I'm not sure what you - my dear readers - would like to see. I've already had a few requests for 'Outfit of the Day' posts, but in all honesty I'm not in the least bit fashionable! Most of the things in my wardrobe are at least five years old. I love looking at other people's 'My Week in Photos' posts - so maybe I'll start that...

So. That's that explained! What do you want to see on this blog? What do you think is missing? What do you want to see more of from bloggers in general?

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  1. My Week In Photos would be fun!

  2. Just post whatever you feel like. Some spontaneous stuff or so:-)

  3. I loved your colour collection swatch posts a while back and the recent spring lips/storage solutions/primer roundups.

    Would love to see more themed comparison posts, maybe comparing different mascaras or similar shades/formulas of lipsticks or eyeshadows?

  4. 'week in photos' sounds really interesting, actually. I like blogs that can mix a bunch of stuff up; doesn't always have to be about make up you know? :)

    Also I like your new header a profile pic; looks good. :D

  5. My week in photos would be great!

    I was about to suggest the same as Galen.. Dupe posts would be great! x

  6. 'Week in Photos' sounds interesting, mainly because I'm the nosiest person ever.
    Perhaps you could do some tutorials or tips or something? Your makeup is always so perfectly applied, you could certainly teach most of us a bit about it!

  7. I like the week in photos idea, and the outfits! I like seeing what other people wear!

  8. You can always do makeup tutorials if you like those :)

  9. The my week in photos sounds fun! Also, you could do the whole, 'diving into my stash' sort of thing, where you show us what you've rediscovered in your makeup stash now that you're not buying anymore makeup.

  10. More tutorials obviously!

    How about LOTD on some friends at Uni or even stuff you are lemming for. I've got a 2 month spending band but I know I'm still going to see stuff I want.

  11. @ Robyn, I've been busy snapping pics this week! Expect the post on Sunday :)

    @ MINAKICHU, hmm, I think random posts would be a bit too tumblr-esque for my liking! I'll start to post about things other than makeup but still beauty/ fashion related I think...

    @ Galen, thanks, I still need to finish off the swatch series, actually! I'll think up some comparisons to do :)

    @ Sophie, week in photos is in the making! I've been enjoying it - wish I'd started it in January :) And thanks, I think I was in need of a more playful header!

    @ VainGlorySinner, week in photos shall start this Sunday :) I'm not sure I have that many dupes...I'm pretty good at spotting shades similar to those I have and passing on them.

    @ Julia M, ahaha, I'm nosey too! I love seeing what everyone's been up to during the week! I'll do some more tutorials for sure...thanks!

    @ Wendy, both shall be done :)

    @ Phyrra, I'll do a few more tutorials if I'm doing something fancy :)

    @ Bowleena, aha, I'm the queen of rediscovering things I've been neglecting! Great idea, thanks!

    @ Skin Scrubs, eee, love me some wishlist posts. Aren't spending bands awful?!


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