Week in Photos #2






RAMBLES. My boyfriend and I went for lunch at a pub which overlooks our town. It was a gorgeous sunny day so we decided to go for a little ramble afterwards along the hillside.

YES PLEASE. Mum made an amazing lemon cake, 'tis her speciality! I remember eating these when I was very, very young and they still taste just as good today.

H2O. I never used to understand why people would choose to drink it unless they were dieting, but it's so
addictive with loads of ice flung in for good measure :)

SHINY. I found this little guy walking back and forth along a bit of grass which had flopped into the pond. 
Isn't he pretty?

SPAWN. A few strings of toad-spawn have made their way into the pond this week; the frog-spawn has 
disappeared, though :( Maybe the fish ate it...


  1. i love these photos.
    they are all lovely.
    that little bug is so pretty. i probably would have been afraid, i don't know bugs give me a freight but it is rather pretty.

    and water, i love water. i always order it at restaurants, and people think it is because i am cheap, but i really want water. i guess people think that's weird.

  2. mmm... I really want a bit of lemon cake now xx

  3. I had no idea what picture number 4 was! I assumed it was jewellery or something XD
    What a pretty shiny beetle dude!

    It's weird how frogs lay their eggs in row like that. Hopefully the fishes wont eat them this time, or they don't eat each other!

    Mmmm cake.. xx

  4. These pictures are wonderful so breath taking x

  5. I'm sure you have some eyeshadows the colour of that little bug - he/she should be your inspiration for a FOTD! xoxo

  6. Gorgeous photography. Shiny is my favourite.


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