Week in Photos #1






PHRENOLOGY BUST. I ordered this for an art project. I didn't expect it to be quite so beautiful - the printing is a little off, I think the crackle glazing more than makes up for it though :)

BOKEH. Brokeh is an effect used to blur light and create patterns over your subject by using filters with shapes punched out of them. I've been trying it out, but clearly haven't mastered it yet! But I did think this photo was pretty - blurred traffic with a star filter over it.

YUM YUM. Cider tastes so much better from your favourite (if slightly outdated) mug, while baking cinnamon tea loaves at 11pm.

SUNSHINE. The weather has been treating us well in England lately, lets hope it stays that way! The goopy looking stuff on the left is frog-spawn, I'm looking forward to having baby frogs in the pond :)

HOLIDAY. Ahaha, God, I wish! I've been craving some sort of escape from the hum drum of every day life lately. Nothing spectacular, just somewhere quiet and pretty - if I had the money I'd be off faster than a shot.

(P.S) I also learnt that collodion, the stuff used in theatre and occasionally in films to create scarring was also used as part of a photographic process back in the 1850s. Now that's what I call a multi-use product!

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  1. I love that Phrenology Bust! I want one! Not for any phrenological purposes.. just because they look cool sat on a shelf :p

    I have yet to try pear cider! I'm not too keen on normal cider apart from Merrydown but pear cider sounds quite delightful.

    Yay for baby frogs! I saved a baby frog from my friends big foot! She almost stood on it! I scooped it up and put it in a bush.

    Interesting and different week in photos. xxx

  2. How easy is collodian to use? I was thinking of getting some to play with :)

  3. The Phrenology bust is so cool I wouldn't mind having something like that in my own little flat in the future. X

  4. I love cider it's one of my favorite drinks

  5. @ Love, B, indeed I did! I think I added the extra 'R' since whenever I read 'Bokeh' I think of my sister saying 'BROKEN!' in a daft voice haha :)

    @ VainGlorySinner, aint it pretty?! I'd love a full size, antique one but they get quite pricey :/ Mine is a little one I bought for £6 haha. You should try Kopparberg or Rekorderlig - swedish ciders are generally sweeter and even people who don't like normal cider love it!

    @ Robyn, collodian is super easy to use. Just remember to buy some cheapo brushes you don't mind destroying! I have a tutorial for it on youtube and so does Petrilude :)

    @ Carla, agreed! I'd love to have a big one on the fire place.

    @ CopyCat, ditto :)

  6. Awesome pics, for some reason I really like the bokeh one. It's just kind of cool. :)

  7. Have you tried Bulmers' Red Apple? I DIE OF DELICIOUSNESS.

  8. @ susan, thanks! I love the bokeh effect but haven't mastered it at all haha. So fun to try though!

    @ Ling Tung, thanks!

    @ RaeRae, no, but it sounds amazing!


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