REVIEW - Victoria Loves Beauty Disposable Make-up Tools

A little while ago, I responded to a request on Twitter from @VictoriaLovesB for bloggers who would be interested in reviewing their disposable make-up tools. Soon enough, a neat little selection of products slid through my letter box.

[[ Victoria Loves Beauty disposable make-up tools ]]

Ever since I first started doing other people's make-up, whether that be for a stage show, photo shoot  or just a night out I have been a fan of disposable make-up tools. They are a fantastic way to keep from transferring germs and oil from your client's skin back into your make-up pot since you  throw the applicator away once it has made contact with your client. They are also such a great help when you are working on multiple models, since they save you from having to clean your kit brushes between each person - it saves so much time! Not only that, but they take up next to no room in your kit - excellent :)

[[ Disposable mascara wands. ]]

There are a wide selection of mascara wands available, from the tiny sizes perfect for the lower lashline to larger ones for a fuller lash look. I found each want to be sturdy and well made, coating the lashes well and picking up mascara from the tube easily. These are also perfect for grooming eyebrows and applying eyebrows gel.

[[ Eye Applicators ]]

I loved the mini angle brush - ideal for eyeliner and filling in eyebrows. The sponge tip applicator was great for smudging out eyeliner, though of course not for applying colour (does anyone use sponge applicators for that any more?!) Both the long and short tipped eyeliner applicators gave an even, neat finish, though I preferred the short brush for easier control and a precision finish. The tiny cotton bud was excellent for wiping mascara smudges from the lower lashline - ideal for making mistakes vanish!
[[ Disposable Blush Brush/ Disposable Make-up Spatula ]]

The spatula is ideal for transferring cream products from pot to palette and mixing liquid or cream products. I'm generally not a fan of blush brushes shaped in this way, though it did pick up a decent amount of product and blending was a doddle.

The sponge lip gloss applicator was sturdy and applied gloss evenly - also perfect for mixing glosses and lipsticks in a palette. The lip brush wasn't quite dense or flat enough for a nice, neat edge or even coverage - I'd leave this one in the shop.

In general, I was impressed with everything I received. Each piece was well made, performed well, applied well and there was no shedding. I'd happily recommend these to make-up artists, performers and the hygiene concious individual. Each product is available from the Victoria Loves Beauty website and come in packs of multiples, prices are all below £10 for the disposable make-up tools.


  1. Really helpful review. I'd love to get my hand on the spatulas. I find it a right PITA to get disposables in London as the only few places I know are generally sold out. I've found it really handy to have different sized masacara wands for shoots so I'm going to check the shop out.

  2. wow! how amazing! those are great..thanks for sharing

  3. Oooh how handy! I like that they have a variety of shapes for the wands, really good idea!

  4. This is awesome! I love the selection offered in this set. Definitely handy for someone doing a makeup job. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Oh WOw, Love the Range of mascara Wands! This would be great when Doing makeup on other people x

  6. the brushes look great, unfortunately not got a blog so cannot try them
    great for on the go, hygenic too
    i am a follower of your blog, the cake looks yummy

  7. These look great especially the variety of mascara wands, I usually use the Charles Fox ones but I'd definately be wanting to try these out.


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