REVIEW - Poppy King for No.7 'Allure' Lipstick

When I first heard about No.7 collaborating with Poppy King to create easy to wear lipsticks to help women back into wearing colour I confess, I was impressed. With most brands either choosing to cater to the 'bold and brave' or 'meek and mild' woman there was no middle ground...until now...

Doesn't Keeley Hawes look gorgeous in this video?!

[[ Poppy King for No.7 lipstick in 'Allure' ]]

The lipsticks come presented in a little salmon pink, polka dotted box with a red kiss print over the lid. The lipstick itself is housed in a silvery-lilac tube with Poppy King's signature scrawled across the top. It's dinky enough to be able to pop it into the smallest of handbags and take up no room at all next to your purse and keys.

There is also a little letter from Poppy ticked neatly inside the box, which makes it feel a touch more special than most 'drugstore' lipsticks.

[[ 'Allure' in the tube. 'Allure' swatched heavily ]]

'Allure' is described as 'having peach in it', though to my eyes the peach is barely evident. It swatches and applies as more of a slightly brown toned, neutral, plum-pink with the tiniest hint of peach. The colour is actually a dead on match for my natural lip colour, which is why I've not posted a lip swatch - I don't look like I'm wearing anything! On me, 'Allure' is nothing like the colour Keeley is wearing in the video. The swatch above shows the lipstick applied HEAVILY and it still shows very sheer - though this shouldn't surprise you, after all, these lipsticks were designed for the faint of heart! However, with 'Allure' being such a natural colour anyway - is there any need for it to be so entirely sheer? The texture and pigmentation reminded me more of a tinted lip balm than a lipstick.

Light weight, sheer, natural, easy to wear, non-drying and comfortable to wear, Poppy King for No.7 lipsticks would be excellent for the older woman or those truly terrified of lip colour. For those of us who love rocking a neon lip and feel 100% comfortable in doing so - you can leave these lippies on the No.7 counter.

Poppy King for No.7 lipsticks are available from Boots priced at £12 for 3.5g of product. Each lipstick has a matching gloss, priced at £11 each.

Disclosure: I was sent this free lipstick to review. All views and opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I'm disappointed to see how sheer this is...the shade is really pretty and love the packaging though. Definitely looks more suited to those who are new to lipstick. x

  2. I feel like an idiot - I didn't realise these were meant to be toned down lol when I looked at these in Boots I was like "eh?? these are rubbish!" Will stick with my super bright lips I think :)

  3. Might have to check this out - I'm currently on the hunt for a decent no-effort my-lips-but-better lipstick.

    Although I'll need to keep an eye out for the £5 No7 vouchers to make it a bit cheaper!

  4. Ugh, I need these. We get a bit of No. 7 stuff in Targets over here - wonder if these will show up. Fingers crossed.

  5. So I like the idea, because I do need some sheer lipsticks for school and other places where it's plain inappropriate for a sixteen year old to be walking around with fuschia lips, but £12 is a little pricey for me. Maybe with the £5 off vouchers? Anyway, great review!

  6. Not my cup of tea (she says, as she thinks, 'oooh, I should go and swatch them tomorow...) but I think the range is a really nice idea. I agree with you that there should be a better middle ground.

    On another note... GOD, the campaign for these in the magazines really annoys me for NO good reason! She looks very pleased with herself!

  7. @ Lily, the packaging is pretty but the product lacked the punch I look for in a lipstick. One to miss unless you're a lover of sheers for sure!

    @ Cupcake Muncher, ahaha, I think so many people will have done that!

    @ Galen, definitely watch for the vouchers, I wouldn't pay £12 for one of these. A tinted lip balm would have the same colour pay off.

    @ Kathyeffingjacobs, I hope they show up over there then!

    @ The Students Guide..., agreed! If they were just a touch more pigmented I think the £12 would be more justified. Definitely wait for the £5 off vouchers!

    @ Robyn, it is indeed a nice idea. I'd love if these really did get women more interested in coloured lippies. Ahaha, Keeley Hawes does look very smug in the adverts - but heck, she's still gorgeous!


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