REVIEW - Glam Storage Solutions Brush Roll

After being on a self imposed 'make-up no buy' (AKA the beast that is 'Project 10 Pan') and selling a few things on eBay, I thought I was due a treat. While doing my make-up one morning, I realised what an awful state my old brush roll had gotten into! I've have it for a few years and it had seen me through many, many make-up jobs but unfortunately it was made with a material that simply loved staining. Even when it had been washed (through the washing machine, the scrubbed with a brush), it still looked  dirty - gross! Five minutes later, I had placed an order with Glam Storage Solutions.

Ordered: 31st March
Arrived: 16th April
Price: $14.99 (approx £9.50)
Shipping to the UK (from USA) - $6 (approx. £3.80)

How beautiful?! I couldn't believe my luck when I spotted this. It's as if it was made specifically for me! Blue and brown are one of my favourite colour combinations, I love the damask print and how the turquoise fades to white in the pattern, the overlay to cover the brushes, the tie to keep everything together while travelling and that fact that it can be machine washed and ironed :)

I'm also pleased to report super neat hems, no fraying and a decent quality cotton which feels like it could undergo years of abuse use without falling to bits. There are enough slots for me to fit in the brushes I use daily and quite a few more, though there are about six of my brushes now without a home :S That's more to do with me hoarding brushes I don't use though, rather than the brush roll itself, of course!

Overall, I'm more than happy with my purchase - it's perfect for me and well worth the cash I parted with for it. If you're looking for something special to store your brushes in, I'd whole heartedly recommend Glam Storage Solutions.


  1. That's really pretty. I got a similar one from asoftblackstar on etsy and it's lovely, I just haven't had many chances to use it hehe!

  2. That's really nice! I have the elf brush holder, but it's not so good for my personal stuff if I'm going away for the weekend. May have to have a nosey :)

  3. It's so pretty, I love the pattern!

  4. I really like turquoise and blue together too, this looks a lot like the material from a dress I have this colour/pattern lol.

    Really pretty, Ive just got yer basic black leather one but I want a pretty one now after seeing this

  5. love this! i need a new brush roll this is really cute :) xx

  6. Looks beautiful, I'll def have a peek at their website! Thanks for the review.


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