REVIEW - 17 'Heart Throb' Lasting Fix Lipstick

I must say - I am starting to worry myself. I have found that lately I have been some craving a dark tan and pale pink lips, one of the worst pairings in existence! I have no idea where it has come from...maybe the recent bout of wag wannabes in the press have subconsciously been inspiring me? Oh Lord. If I ever look like this, please schedule an intervention for me!

ANYWAY - you want to read about lipstick, not my 1/4 life crisis, right? I bought 17 'Heart Throb' sometime last year when it was part of some sort of three for two offer at Boots. With it not really being a 'me' lipstick colour (AKA, not nude) I've hardly worn it - but I rediscovered it recently and have been loving it ever since!

[[ Another perfect lippy colour for Spring! ]]

'Heart Throb' is a pale, but light, blue toned pink which also doubles as a decent blush colour for a fresh, clean look. It reminds me a lot of Pantone's 'Colour of 2011', 'Honeysuckle'. This is the only 'Lasting Fix' lipstick I have found particularly drying, but it's nothing a slick of balm can't handle.  I don't often notice wear time for lippies since it's rare that I don't have my lips pressed against the rim of a cup of tea, leaving lippy marks behind, so I couldn't fairly comment.

Now I'll do that annoying thing - 'Heart Throb' has been discontinued. However, pale pink lippies are a staple of any line aimed at teenagers so their other shades 'Dreamy' and 'Marshmallow Whip' might be worth a look! 17 'Lasting Fix' lipsticks are available from Boots for £4.29.


  1. Gorgeous shade, shame that it's been discontinued. I really like 17 Lasting Fix lipsticks, I find that they wear really well and are such good value. x

  2. That's a really lovely color. It looks good on you. =]

  3. love the color not too pale just perfect

  4. That is so pretty! I can relate about the wag thing... I like to wear fake tan (a lot) but I am always immediately attracted to pale pink lipsticks :( that one looks gorgeous though :) love!! Xxxx

  5. That colour is absolutely perfect for you, I'm currently on the hunt for a lipstick that just really suits my colouring (blonde, pale pink toned skin, dark eyes) but I'm having no such luck!

  6. Oh wow, it's gorgeous! Great pictures x

  7. perfect perfect colour, and you make me want to buy it xx

  8. @ Lily, it is a shame but I bet there are plenty of similar shades. I love the 17 lasting fix lippies too, 'Hot Chilli' is a fabulous colour if you ever spot it!

    @ Manda, thanks, I'm surprised I found a blue-pink which suits me.

    @ CopyCat, I'm still thinking I need a brighter one!

    @ Hannah, haha, I hope we both come across other lippy colours to lust after, then! The minute I look too wag I will be terrified for my mental health :P

    @ Sarah, try a true neutral pink or one with a bit of a touch of coral :)

    @ GABY, thanks!

    @ Liloo, thanks! Shame you can't buy it anymore :P

    @ beauty combat, indeed it is :)


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