OOTD - First of Many?

Sheer blouse - Peacocks // White vest - No idea, try Primark // Shorts - Duty Free //Tights - Pretty Polly // Shoes - Peacocks // Bag - Unknown // Jewellery - Vintage + gifts

The exact words to my friend when I bought the shorts were, 'Are these too short? Will I look like a slut?' we couldn't decide but I bought them anyway ahaha. Meh, who cares when you have a butt as awesome as mine? #modest #noi'mnot I love wearing loads of long necklaces lately - the onyx one was a gift from my parents for doing well at college, the beaded one was from my sister and the watch one was my great grandmothers.

[[ No idea if it makes a difference or helps anyone, but I'm 5ft 5" and a UK 8 :) ]]

Are the photos ok as they are? I was finding it hard to get my camera to focus so some aren't as sharp as usual but you still get an idea...I still think it's a bit weird posting full body pics because, well, I never do! I've no idea how fashion bloggers do it so regularly and don't feel like a bit of a tit stood posing in their room with their camera on a timer. Would you be interested in more OOTD posts?


  1. You so remind me of my baby sister - you have really similar taste. I love the tights and brogues and that bag is fantastic, too!

  2. Love it!!! Those shorts are fab, not slutty one bit.I'd wear them. Love the bag too. xx

  3. gorgeous ootd. i hope also this is going to be the first of many. particularly love the contrast of the black necklace on the cream / off white (?) blouse. simply stunning. not sluttish at all, the shorts make it really fun xx
    now, when will peacocks, H&M and primark will embrace the trend of 'faux-suspenders' tights and really cool pattern tights (a la jessie james kinda thing - sorry she was the first name which sprung to mind) so that we can buy loads for cheap and no guilt x

  4. love it! More OOTD posts please, those suspender tights looks really 'right' on you if that makes sense, and you are damn right about the butt- if you have got it- flaunt it :) Also adorable watch of your GG's thats a really cool touch,


  5. Yayyyy you did it! I think it's really good! I like the slightly out of focus effect for some reason, it fits your photography style (even though your makeup shots are usually super focused and macro). It just works, somehow.

  6. OH MY GOD HOW COME YOU ARe SO AWESOME AT OOTDs????!!! i have waited for this day hahaha
    I get how you think it's weird, even when someone else is taking them, I just feel so bloody awkward.That outfit as a whole is awesome. I wish I could pull off blouses like that but I need a belt otherwise I look preggers :P xxx p.s. the capcha thing is conical which made me laugh cause of conical wands and them being part of beauty haha

  7. UGGHH! You are so well dressed I think I might just die.

  8. I looooove this outfit! It's perfectly styled! I would love to see more OOTD posts. :)

  9. i love love love OOTD posts :D, defo keep doing them xx

  10. This is a fab OOTD - definitely do more! I feel like a right tit doing mine, I never know how to pose!! I'm hoping it will come with time! x

  11. Your pictures are okay, don't worry.

    But that is SUCH a awesome outfit! The tights may be my favorite part. Most definitely, you should make more of these, you have a really good fashion sense from these pics:)

  12. Loveee it. I've been looking for a sheer shirt for the longest but I'm so fussy with some shops designs. Peacocks it is :o)

  13. @ Robyn, haha, your sister has great taste then :P These brogues are SO COMFY! Love 'em.

    @ Jo, thank you! They're sorta more hot pants than shorts tbh ahaha. I still love wearing them though, defo got to whip out the fake tan so i can wear them without tights soon!

    @ Charli, aw, thank you!

    @ Liloo, thanks! I think the blouse is 'camel'...basically super duper pale tan but flash killed it a bit. I totally agree! Primark have a version with hearts instead of the straight strip downwards but not my cup of tea :/

    @ BeautyH2T, ahaha, thank you! I love these tights, worn them to death lately :S I love my clock necklace, it's probably my most worn piece of jewellery.

    @ Wendy, haha, thanks! Maybe out of focus works because I put a filter over them? Bah, who knows!?

    @ Nats, lmao, you sound like a proud parent! Thanks! Best captcha ever was 'seducin' I got for somebody's blog ahaha.

    @ Jonna, thanks!

    @ leanne, how do you know I don't wear dungarees and string vests the rest of the time? :P

    @ Kathyeffingjacobs, thanks! I'll do more when I actually find another nice outfit to wear ahaha.

    @ smoosh_kiss, thanks, shall do :D

    @ Studon, lol, I was sorta just standing turning around trying not to wave my arms around haha :S

    @ jasmine, thanks! Love these tights!

    @ LaaLaa Monroe, thanks! I know what you mean, took me ages to find a nice, simple design without frills and embroidery.

  14. I'm with Leanne, I was hoping your OOTD would be trackies and football shirt to make up for the fact that you are so beautiful. Oh well neva mind!

    I would like to see more OOTD please, I always need reminders of how shit my fashion sense is. LOL :)

  15. I love the outfit, I really love OOTD posts!

  16. This is a really nice outfit! If you want an easier way to do outfit shots, invest in a remote for you dSLR. I got one for around £3 on Amazon and it makes the whole ordeal go about five times faster!

  17. Love your Style! You should so Do more of these x


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