NOTD - Golden Leopards

After seeing this design on Emily's blog, after her guest post over at DoNotRefreeze, there was no way that I couldn't play copycat. Yeah, yeah, everyone does them and they're pretty cliché these days, but I still love them! The one time I've tried them before ended in disaster - my hands looked like a cross-breed of a Fimble and a cow had thrown up on them. Not this time...


Gold base - Barry M 'Gold'
Silvery tip colour - Avon 'Mystic'
Brown dots - Barry M 'Mushroom'
Black lines - Claire's liquid eyeliner
Topcoat - Seche Vite

I applied the gold polish, sponged some silvery taupe onto the tips, dotted on some brown dots and squiggled around them with black liquid eyeliner before adding a topcoat for some shine. The silvery tips look so awesome in the light, giving a subtle two tone effect which looks way more interesting than straight up gold :) Unfortunately this wont last very long - I've got some plaster work at college I need to do! Darn you, art, with your nail ruining effects...

What do you think of leopard nails? Boring? Fun? Tacky? 


  1. Absolutely fun and totally tacky, but as my sister says: "When it comes to nails, the tackier the better".


    Love them.

  2. Awwww these are cute! Yeah they're everywhere at the moment but i still love them. I esp like the gold :) I still haven't tried this on patience!!

  3. ah its bloody brilliant!! Although you see this design everywhere it's still one of my faves because its SO trashy-fabulous and eyecatching! You did an awesome job aswell, using an eyeliner for the black is INSPIRED - why am i wasting my money on nail art pens?!?! Annoying that Real Life has to get in the way and ruin them - but it looks like you've got it perfected now, so shouldnt be too hard to re-do! LOVE IT! xxx

  4. I love leopard print nails. Surprisingly not many people have them IRL. If my nails weren't peeling right now I'd totally be doing this

  5. Who cares if they're tacky! Your turned out lovely and fun, so much that I might even finally decide to try them... after seeing how they look on a short-ish nail like mines! :)
    Loved how you mixed the gold base with those taupe-ish centers!

  6. I love them :) they are so much fun!

  7. absolutely loving this. wow! this is so fun and too well done to be tacky x

  8. I love Love LOVEEE these =D x x

  9. I wish I had the patience to o something funky to my nails!

  10. Leopard print nails are the best! And I don't think they're too tacky, comapared to some of the bejewelled monstrosities you see...

  11. I love it! You did a great job aswell, absolutely love it <3

  12. I think leopard looks cute on short nails but on long extensions it looks tacky! Yours look so sweet :)

  13. I really really like this! I wish I knew how to do it!

  14. They might be cliche in the blogging world, but I still adore them! These are cute!

  15. Stunning! Love the gold! xx

  16. @ Helga, ahaha, I like your sisters thinking!

    @ Jo, thanks! Yeah, you need patience by the bucket load. So work the end result, though!

    @ Emily, aw, thank you, so glad I did you proud ahaha. I think they're tacky fabulous/ cheap punk :P Loved them while they lasted, though!

    @ Tass, weird how they're everywhere is blog land but hardly ever seen 'in real life'. I've only ever seen one person with leopard nails!

    @ Alhrayth, I personally love tacky anyway haha. Tacky is the epitome of fun! I hope you like 'em if you try them out!

    @ CopyCat, thanks!

    @ JessicaFrench, thank you :)

    @ Liloo, I bet you'd rock some leopard print nails - get it done!

    @ Alisha, thanks!

    @ MakeupMonologue, aha, it's quite relaxing if you're just watching TV or something.

    @ JuliaM, I love the bejewelled monstrosities, too :S Adore Asian nail art with all the gems, pearls and glitter!

    @ esteeem, aw, thank you!

    @ Sarah, thanks! I think long nails (when they get like talons) look tacky anyway!

    @ Jess, just pop on your base colour, splodge on some coloured dots and squiggle around them with an eyeliner. Then layer over your top coat!

    @ Kelliegonzo, thanks!

    @ Robyn, thanks! I want leopard nais all the time now :S

    @ Emily, thanks! the gold is a really pretty colour. Needs 3 coats for opacity though :S

    @ Phyrra, thanks!

    @ Elisa, thank you :)

  17. I don't know how I missed this post, but those nails are so cute! and who cares if they are cliche or not. :D


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