Mother's Day - The Big Pink

Am I the only daughter who hates buying for their parents? Not that I begrudge spending some dollah on them, it's just that finding 'the right present' is so darn hard!

I was lucky to run across a shop on eBay which sells truly gorgeous pendants, spent a while browsing, dreaming of buying it all and then I spotted this 'sea sediment jasper' pendant. Perfect! Beautiful colours and veining, set in silver with a little red gem on the link. How could I not buy it?!

You may remember me rambling on Twitter about 'eBay bidder nerves' - well, this is what I was bidding on! I bought the pendant from silverfashion2006 (who, strangely, are located about 20 minutes from me) and the chain from bigbeads_taff and would highly recommend them both.

My mum loves it, proved by the words of utmost approval/ appreciation, 'This is something I would have chosen for myself!'

How have you been celebrating mother's day? 


  1. Aww, that's so pretty! It's not Mothers Day here, but I hear you on hating buying gifts for parents - mine are impossible to shop for, especially my Mom. She's got MS and is bedridden and has extremely limited manual dexterity, so she's getting more and more difficult to buy things for. For Mothers Day, she'll likely end up getting some sort of flower arrangement and a movie.

  2. @ Shanna, I think your mum would appreciate gifts like that. I know if I were bedridden, I'd love for people to bring me beautiful or interesting things to look at.


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