FOTD - Faeries vs. Monsters

Today was one of those days when you wake up with plans, get up, feel inspired and then...boom. Something crops up which stops you fulfilling your plans. In my case, this was my grandparents visiting for an entire six hours. SIX HOURS. So instead of researching and producing designs for college work, I've drank lots of tea, done a few sudokus and painted my face.

[[ Nails are Models Own 'BlooBoo' ]]

[[ Oh hair, no matter how much I baby you, you're always dry as a bone. ]]

EYES - UDPP, FPE, Fyrinnae 'Digital Faerie', Venomous Cosmetics 'Stiletto Snake', Venomous Cosmetics 'Monster under Your Bed', Sassy Minerals 'Understated', Kryolan liquid eyeliner, mascara, GOSH pencil eyeliner.

FACE - Kryolan ultra foundation as concealer, Collection 2000 'Matt + Minerals', Kryolan translucent powder, Accessorize 'Bermuda' bronzer, Ben Nye blush.

LIPS - Clinique 'Coral Crush' lippy, OCC 'Hush' lip tar.

I decided on wearing a coral lip instead of the usual flat out nude, it is brighter 'in real life' but creamy enough to get away with it. I'm not really a fan of coloured lips paired with coloured eyes, though - maybe I just love MAC 'Honeylove' too much? 


  1. Oooo I like your new blog font title! x

  2. Beautiful look! And I need to get my hands on BlooBoo, it's gorgeous.

  3. I really like the coral lips, also that tealy colour on your eyes is gorgeous, I love Teal xx

  4. thats a gorgeous eye make-up! love green/blue with brown eyes xxx

  5. That's a gorgeous look! Love the coral lips.

  6. LOve it! I've been sporting this kind of teal look a couple of times in the past 2 weeks.. I love teal :)

  7. I would love to see the true colors - the coral lippie would add so much oomph to this! Loves it.

  8. I think coloured lips with coloured eyes can be very hard to get right, but you seem to have it spot on! You looks really cool :)

  9. That looks gorgeous with your dark hair and minty nails!

  10. I love it! I'm green fan. Nails are stunning too :)

  11. Beautiful! :)

    Love your eye make up!

    You tried Redken Extreme Shampoo & Conditioner for your hair? It helped mine a lot when it was really dry!


  12. @ Kia, thanks! I dowloaded the font, if you use brackets with it you get little cartoon zebra pics!

    @ Melly, thanks! BlooBoo is lovely, doesn't last very well though :/

    @ Wendi, thanks!

    @ Lori, thanks! I love teal too, don't wear it enough!

    @ Natalie, thank you :) I agree, blue/ green always looks nice with brown eyes.

    @ Raffles Bizarre, thanks, it's a wee bit brighter IRL but still very wearable.

    @ beautifulwithbrains, thank you!

    @ Sue, thanks! Don't you just love how teal seems to suit everyone? Awesome colour!

    @ Suki, flash washed out the lip colour since it had a glossy finish but the rest it colour true :)

    @ Amina, thanks!

    @ Chris, thank you! Also, I hope you don't mind me calling you Chris haha, just linked your blog name to your Twitter name. It was a *duh* moment haha :)

    @ Saba, thanks1

    @ Julia, I agree, which is why I usually go for bold eyes and nude lips! Thank you!

    @ Sarah, thanks!

    @ Persa, thank you, I've bee loving the pale blue nails!

    @ Sarah, thank you! No, I haven't tried any Redken stuff before...Shall have to check it out, thanks!


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