Darling Girl Cosmetics are Back!

A quick head up to let you good folk know that Darling Girl Cosmetics have re-opened their virtual doors for business. Not only that, but there are three (yes - three) new collections out, along with three entirely new products...

Holo Gloss - Sheer glosses jam packed with glitter.
Pixie Sparkles - Loose cosmetic glitter.
Glitter Glue - Created to hold glitter and sparkles in place, or as a foiling medium.

 Check out Darling Girl Cosmetics online shop here - go on, part with some money in exchange for some pretty, new goodies! Ooooh, and I helped come up with the colour idea for the latest 'Gift with Purchase' eyeshadow  - 'New Beginnings' - so you better darn well like it :P

Click the 'Darling Girl Cosmetics' tab below to see swatches and reviews of their products.


  1. I love the new look of your blogs. Thanks for letting everyone know I am back.

  2. oooh thanks for sharing xxxx

  3. @ Susan, thank you and you're very welcome :)

    @ Kirstyb, no problem!


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