Collection 2000 'Spangles' Hot Looks Nail Polish

I was a little taken aback when I spotted this glaring back at me on Christmas morning - it looks a bit intimidating, doesn't it? Sitting, all glowy and bright, in my polish box I couldn't help but pick it up and cautiously paint it on to my nails...

[[ Collection 2000 'Spangles' ]]

'Spangles' is a slightly slimey lime green with a twist of yellow thrown in for good measure. Whenever I wear it, I get very mixed reactions, ranging from 'OOOH. I love your nails!' to 'You've got bogey fingers.' kinda hit and miss, but who cares?! This shade would be a decent dupe for Illamasqua 'Radium', I think. I was surprised that it doesn't look truly awful on my hands since they have a tendency to get quite red through the day. Three coats will achieve a truly opaque finish, though, as you might be able to spot on my index finger the wear time isn't excellent. 

Collection 2000 Hot Looks nail polishes are available from Boots and Superdrug priced at £1.79 each.


  1. It's a lovely colour, just what I've been looking for! I have to say though, I wouldn't have called it Spangles...that name brings to mind a silvery, glittery polish rather than a bright green one :/

  2. Love that polish! I'm going to go a look see's for it next time I'm in town! xxx

  3. I have this colour and I love it, I like wearing black polish and kinda dripping this over the top to make a kinda toxic/acid look.
    one of my favs x

  4. Oh my god that colour is amazing! I feel a purchase coming on! x

  5. I love the colour, but I've been put off buying any more of the Hot Looks... Gloop city in no time.

  6. I love that colour but I know it'd look terrible on me! It looks really nice on you! I'm currently loving the hot looks polishes purely because they dry so quickly and I'm lazy haha! Great post! xo

  7. Cute colour. I like the Hot Looks quite a lot... cheap and cheerful!

  8. That is an amazing colour! I actually love it! x

  9. i love this color.. so fun!

  10. I like the color! I'd probably stick some glitter on top of it though.

  11. @ Julia M, totally agree about the name! 'Spangles' makes me think of Christmas, glitter and gold...not lime green! It should have been called 'Zest' or something more lively.

    @ VainGlorySinner, hope you like it! It is 100x more amazing IRL :P

    @ Lori, eee, that sounds very Halloween! I bet it looks awesome on long nails.

    @ Karla, you wont regret it - guaranteed!

    @ RaeRae, same here tbh :/ I have...five bottles and three have gone gloopy and/ or separated beyond repair. This and a hot coral one are the only ones which haven't.

    @ Jennie, haha, that's why I love 'em too. I'd definitely try this shade if you like it though - I'd never have chosen it for myself (it was in my xmas stocking) but it's probably my fave polish right now :)

    @ Robyn, the Hot Looks polishes would be the best thing ever (not quite, but hush) if they didn't gloop up so quickly!

    @ Studon, so do I :D

    @ Sue, it's ace, makes me smile every time I catch a glimpse of my hands when I wear it :)

    @ Phyrra, glitter could be fun, much prefer dark polishes for glitter though - better contrast!


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