Why 'Beauty's Bad Habit'?

Yesterday I realized that I have never been asked why I decided to name my blog, or 'online make-up persona' as 'Beauty's Bad Habit' and I thought it could pose a fun question -

What beauty mistakes have you made that you don't regret?

I thought up 'Beauty's Bad Habit' since beauty is all about having good habits and keeping them up - drinking lots of water, sticking to a skin care routine, regular hair treatments and such. It's about applying knowledge you know is sound - buying make-up which suits your skin tone, layering powders over creams (never the other way around), cleaning your brushes...But what about the bad habits?

[[ Maybe hoarding is a bad habit? Do we care? No! MY PRETTIES...]]

Some of the best things in life are bad for us or a bit naughty - those cheeky little treats we indulge in like fatty foods (curry/ cake/ chocolate, anyone?), sugary drinks, lots of caffeine, lying in bed for as long as possible, playing music loud to annoy the neighbors, partying 'til you can barely stand, spending that last £10 in the bank on a new belt instead of topping up the fridge, eyeing up the hot builders across the road...Well, I don't know about you, but I LOVE bad habits! So much more than good habits! I think we should all so something a little naughty every day, it's good for the soul ;)

[[ According to beauty 'rules', I shouldn't wear cool toned colours...rules are made to be broken! ]]

Where do bad habits come into beauty, then? Well, personally I'd call sleeping in make-up and having dirty brushes outright SINS (c'mon people, get a grip!), but everything else...It's all just trial and error. Beauty and make-up should be fun - never a chore! Some beauty things I love logically shouldn't work for me - cream blush on my oily skin, cool/ blue toned make-up on my warm skin, heavy stage foundation as under eye concealer, near-white powder to set medium foundation...All little mistakes or 'bad habits' which I'm actually quite fond of.

Embrace your bad beauty habits, ladies, they might not be so bad after all...


  1. I loved this post!

    I'm a sinner though :D I always have dirty brushes. Instead of keeping them washed and ready, I wash before i use. It's a pain in the butt either way, I think but I put everything off til the last minute.

  2. and believe it or not, those cool toned colors look amazing on you! Great post!

  3. *thumbs up* good post! love it :D

    Linsay x

  4. Love it, embrace the bad habits that are sooooo good!!!!!!!


  5. I think *everyone* washes their brushes too rarely :) And I'm a hoarder, definitely. x

  6. This is such a great post :D x

  7. I'd say the one bad beauty habit that has stuck with me for years is staring at my face for hours with a magnafying mirror and memorising the topography of my face, and make a note of the all the imperfections with a plan to irradicate them all.

  8. This made me smile! Bad habits can be fun! I don't think I have any really, but I'm sure someone might think so.

    That blue and purple you swatched are gorgeous, what are they?

  9. Love this post, everyone needs some bad habits to make it through the day! I can never resist touching my nail polish to check if it's dry even when I know it wont be!

  10. This is an awesome post! :D

  11. I am always guilty of bad habits especially with makeup and hoarding. I'd rather not eat and buy a lipstick instead...yeah that bad! :-)

  12. Oh, I agree, Skin Scrubs, the magnifying mirror is one of my bad habits as well. Not cleaning brushes as often as I should - I plead guilty and resolve to do better.

    Over all, I do agree, I think a lot of should nots can be shoulds, we just need the courage to try!

  13. Lol, Im a Sinner!!! I always Sleep in my makeup!! Who can be botherd with all that after you come home in the night, I can barely stand! forget removing make up lol

  14. @ Jennifer Leigh, haha, I admit I usually out off washing brushes too. I was on a makeup course with somebody who never even washed their kit brushes - in TWO YEARS! It was gross. I point blank refused to let her do my make-up!

    @ Jinz, thanks! I usually pair them with warmer colours so don't look terrifying haha.

    @ Linsay, thanks, chuck!

    @ Snooze, thanks :)

    @ AllthingsGirly, yep, bad habits can be good too!

    @ Rocaille, I'd have to agree. Everyone puts it off til the very last minute. Hoarding is good for the soul ;)

    @ Jonna, thanks m'dear!

    @ xSafarE, thanks!

    @ Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes, thanks!

    @ SkinScrubs, haha, well I guess that isn't such a bad habit if you're actually improving your skin! Something I really need to do!

    @ Kimberly, the blue is MAC 'Sky Blue' pigment, the purple is MAC 'French Violet' pigment.

    @ Hollie, ahaha, I used to do that too! You know it's still wet, touch it, then get annoyed at yourself for ruining it haha.

    @ Kinzla, thanks!

    @ MINAKICHU, lmao, same tbh. Who needs nutrition when you could have a pretty lippy?!

    @ Barefoot Domestic Goddess, I don't think the skin inspection habit is *bad* really - maybe just...obsessive! Yes, we should all just experiment and have fun with makeup!

    @ PinkSweetSz, eee noooo! Take off the makeup! Even with a baby wipe is better than nothing! Kudos for admitting it though haha :P


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