Where You Can Find Me!

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A few places you can find me to have a chat or ask questions :) It's important to me that I get to talk to you lovely lot on a one to one basis sometimes! I always reply to questions etc, whether they're about make-up, photography, starting out as a make-up artist, ear stretching....

The best way to guarantee a reply is to email me. I check my email a few times every single day. PLEASE make sure to add a subject title, else I will assume it is junk and delete it! lily175[at]hotmail[dot]co.uk


I admit that I am a little bit hooked on Twitter. I never thought I would be, but heck, I am! You can follow/ tweet me here.


I'm brand spankin' new to Formspring, so forgive me if it take a while for me to get used to it! the general idea is you can ask me quick fire type questions and I will respond there and then. You can ask anonymously, too. Find my formspring here.


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