What's in my Travel/ Daily Make-Up Bag?

Can I confess something? I've already lied. I don't HAVE a make-up bag. Well, not one that I use day to day since I don't take my make-up out with me for 'top ups' and have awesome make-up storage! However, I do have a funky (is it acceptable to say 'funky' if you're below the age of 40?) toiletry bag I use for my make-up when I travel...

[[ I love how garish this bag is! ]]

The bag was part of a Natural Collection gift set I got last year, but transforms into a make-up bag when I'm away from home. This is what I more or less use on a daily basis...

[[ Maybelline 'Falsies' mascara, UDPP, Kryolan liquid eyeliner, GOSH pencil eyeliner, MUA dark brown, Sassy Minerals 'Understated', MAC 'Scatterrays ]]

EYES SHADOW BASE - Urban Decay Primer Potion
EYESHADOW - Varies. Right now I'm loving MAC 'Scatterrays' pigment and Sassy Mineral 'Understated'
EYELINER - Kryolan liquid eyeliner (black), GOSH pencil eyeliner (black)
MASCARA - Maybelline 'Falsies' mascara
EYEBROWS - MUA dark brown eyeshadow

[[ Evil Shades 'Love Bites', The Balm 'Hot Mama', C2000 'Matt + Minerals', Sleek 'One' powder, Kryolan Ultra Foundation, Shu Uemura 'Under Base Mousse  ]]

BASE - Shu Uemura 'Under Base Mousse'
CONCEALER - Kryolan ultra foundation (cream)
FOUNDATION - Collection 2000 'Matt + Minerals'
POWDER - Sleek 'One' powder (I usually use Kryolan powder, but the lid slides off so it's bad for travel)
BLUSH - Varies. It's all about The Balm 'Hot Mama' and Evil Shades 'Love Bites' at the moment.

[[ Taxi London 'Mile End' gloss, Collection 2000 'Star' gloss, Clarins 'Sorbet' gloss, MAC 'Honeylove' lippy, Figs & Rouge lip balm ]]

LIP BALM - Figs & Rouge 'Rose' balm
LIPSTICK - Do you really need to ask?! MAC 'Honeylove', of course!
LIP GLOSS - Taxi London 'Mile End' gloss, Collection 2000 'Star' gloss, Clarins 'Sorbet' gloss

Wow. That seems like loads when you write it all out! How much is in your make-up bag?

(P.S) Can I ask somebody to do me a favour and measure the diameter of the pan of Rimmel Stay Matte powder? I have something I might be able to fit one into, but don't own one atm!


  1. I like that you have one organic item and I checked it out and the ingredients are all natural . Have you tried any other all natural products you like ?
    love the colorful makeup bag too

  2. I think I am the last person on earth to try Urban Decay Primer Potion..Its on my MUST purchase list

  3. could you possibly do a review on MUA for eyebrows? i really need a good eyeshadow for my brows! (sorry I know requested posts can be really annoying and you might've already done one)


  4. I don't have a ruler at handy at the momeny (and I'm a lazy arse, but I do know that it fits perfectly, perfectly into Estee Lauders Double Wear powder compact!

  5. What's the 'One' powder like? Any good? I used to never take a make-up bag with me at all, and I don't really bother most days still. Just my lippy and, if I'm going somewhere else after work and not straight home or out for a long day, I'll take powder, blush and a brow pencil.

  6. I have an everyday carry-around-with-me make-up bag, but it usually only contains lip balm, lip gloss, mirror and eyeliner for top ups, plus lipstick if I'm wearing it. I used to be obsessive and carry concealer and pressed powder, but I haven't had to top up on these during the day (or night) since I switched to mineral foundation. I stopped carrying my mascara around because the packaging has a design flaw and it made a huge mess inside the bag.

    Assuming that they haven't changed the packaging, just the lid design and it's still the same size as the Clear Complexion powder, the Stay Matte pan is about 6.5 cms.

  7. I like the funky/garish travel bag for your make up. The colours drew me to it, I like how it's blindingly colourful :D I don't usually have a make up case in my handbag either, and if I do I unpack it when I get home because I like to have my cosmetics put away and cleaned (brushes) regularly. I don't usually have any items of makeup in my handbag for over 2 days.

  8. Love seeing what's in other people's makeup bags. TheBalm's Hot Mama is my fave blush of all time. I always think the girl on the cover looks awful lot like Rihanna, don't you? lol


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