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When I first received my order, I dreaded the day that writing this review would come. Why? Because the 'indie make-up community' is a tight knit one - whether we want to admit it or not. When anybody says something against one of the more loved, well known companies or bloggers little indie make-up minions come out in force to protect their beloved make-up creators and things can get nasty. I'm not a fan of drama, but I'm also not a fan of keeping  quiet. So here you have it.

[[ A few items from my Evil Shades order ]]

Ordered: 10th January
Shipped: 24th January (turnaround time stated 10 business days)
Received: 9th February
Replacement Items Received: 1st March

[[ Um. Really? ]]

As soon as I shook out my products from the bag and started to inspect them, I knew something was wrong. One of the 'Hardcore Lips' glosses ('Not your Barbie') had pale chunks of unblended ingredients sitting around the bottom of the tube. I figured it was just one of those odd things that can go wrong sometimes and put it to the side. I opened the other 'Hardcore Lips' gloss ('Roué'), swatched, stared and was surprised to see grains running through it. It felt gritty and looked bumpy - more unblended ingredients. Upon opening 'Deadly' Wicked Gloss, I was disheartened to see yet more grains of unblended ingredients, as I swatched the grains were crushed and left bright red streaks through the gloss. Not happy. I also received 'Karta' gloss, which to quote a lady who emailed me, was described as being highly pigmented but 'was like putting on vegetable oil on your lips with a few sparkles in it with no color whatsoever.' I have to agree.

[[ 'Deadly' Wicked Gloss swatch. Check out the bright red streaks, black streaks and lumps. ]]

A little baffled by this (how could such a well loved company send me those?!) I emailed Evil Shades' Andrea to inform her of the problems with my order. A few hours later (got to remember time zone differences, folk) I received a very apologetic email, explaining that the equipment might have been off and that she would test it straight away. She also said that she would send replacements that following week. I then realised when I looked at my invoice that one of the items I had bought was missing, I emailed Evil Shades again and was told the missing item would be sent with the replacements.

[[ First 'Deadly' and replacement 'Deadly'. Exactly the same problem - red and black streak galore ]]

March 1st I received my replacements and missing item, everything was well wrapped once again and I made an inspection for lumps and bumps. 'Not your Barbie' simply had a lot fewer, smaller pale grains in it, 'Roué' seems to be entirely grain free but 'Deadly'...Well that's exactly the same as the first pot I received - awful.

Would I order again? Are you joking?! I had to contact Evil Shades twice about problems which would most likely not have arisen had the products and invoice had been checked before they were sent. I was very kindly sent replacements, but sadly those were not exactly up to par either. For me, buying make-up is a real treat that I can very rarely afford, so to receive items like this is such a disappointment. At this point, I would not confidently recommend Evil Shades.

What have your experiences with Evil Shades been?

(P.S) Since posting this I have had a surprising amount of people email me with not so fabulous Evil Shades stories - thank you! A few are nail bloggers, worried about the drama posting a review could cause since Andrea is also a nail blogger. A few are make-up bloggers who were also concerned by the indie make-up minions. Just so you know, you aren't alone.


  1. I have no experience...neither do i want one...Lumpy lipgloss???????? Bleeeurgh...sorry Indie chicks ;/ xxx

  2. props to you for writing an honest review of your experience. writing bad reviews is never fun, but it takes guts to post your honest opinion and you get my respect for that.

  3. Aw, that sucks. I've got Not Your Barbie and mine is fine. I *love* Evil Shades and don't worry, I'm not going to lynch you. If there's a problem with your product you should tell people about it - anyone who can't see that's an unblended product is blind.

  4. All the stuff I've had from them including lipgloss is fine!

  5. aww that stinks, sorry for your experience! I have a few things from there and All my products came out well. My only complaint was that it took like a month to get my stuff.

    maybe she was having an off couple months?

  6. This is exactly why I'm a bit nervous about ordering from indie companies... xxx

  7. Never bought from them before and I probably won't after seeing this to be honest. Companies should be checking the quality of the product before they ship it to paying customers. First time can be an honest mistake, that's ok. But two times even after you contacted them? what's with that...

  8. Aw, that's a bummer as I do like Evil Shades :( I tend to stick with just eyeshadows though, as I haven't been too impressed with any of the lip products I've tried. But I do have some great ES shadows that I love.

  9. These posts are always difficult to make. I respect your integrity in being respectful and honest. Thank you.

  10. I've gotten the Deadly lip gloss before and mine has been fine (not a fan of the color though). Usually with Indie brands though I think the safest option is purchasing eye shadows, blushes, etc. and not the lip glosses really. That sort of thing I do prefer purchasing from high-end brands just because you get better products. I think the only Indie brand who does good glosses is Darling Girl Cosmetics.

    I wished you included your thoughts on those blushes you got, are they cream based ones? I've never tried those and am curious to see how they hold up.

  11. Reality is it is up to consumers to give feedback and to protect others from wasting their cash. If people get mad at you for that then that is their own issue.

    Personally I thank you for the heads up.

  12. The replacement Deadly looks perfectly fine to me. I'd imagine with just a little blending while you apply the color should even out.

    How were the blushes?

  13. My experience with Evil Shades was good although there was a problem with packaging the first time around. She quickly re-sent everything and it was all fixed. Deadly is my current favorite gloss so I'm really sorry to hear you didn't have a good experience with it :/

  14. Awwwwwwwwwwww. I ordered early last month, and second time a week after. They got shipped 24th and I'm still waiting :/ I'm hoping the quality of the products I chose will not be completely off.

    Thank you for honest review :)

  15. As others said, thank you for the honest review.

    I ordered on 2/12/11, and got a tracking number on 2/24/11, with no updates on its progress so far.

    I expected much faster service as their website has no stated turn around time. That's what I get for assuming, I guess.

  16. I know what you mean about all that drama - but how could they jump on you now - you have the proof in photos, it's not like you're just saying it!

  17. I've never even heard of this company, but I cant actually believe how awful the quality of their products are! Definitely wont be buying from them - thank you for the heads up.

  18. I own that Deadly gloss and it's fine (ordered it last year). I didn't notice any streakiness. It's smooth and moisturizing. I wish it was a bit more opaque though but I can use it over some red lipstick to achieve that and it looks gorgeous.

  19. I've also had to post a not so shining review of Evil Shades. I used to LOVE ES but too many orders have come in badly blended or things missing from my order so I stopped buying from there, even though when you get something good from there, it's really good the bad isn't worth it anymore for me.

  20. Damn, I don't blame you for being disappointed! That sucks :(

  21. And if anybody gets butthurt and tries to attack you over this, punch them in the face. :P I love ES and have had all good experiences, but if you've had a bad experience you're more than entitled to say so!

  22. With my last order the payupal shipping notice was sent out 8 days before the package was actually mailed. This was over New Years so I gave some allowance but if an accurate shipping notice had been sent it would have saved me a week of worry.

  23. It always sucks when something goes wrong with an order, but I have to say: I've never read it before. I've ordered myself after I read great reviews, and I'm totally in love with my products. I have Deadly aswell, and it doesn't have the same problem. I also orderd some liquid lipstick and those are just amazing, best I ever had. And I'm not easy to please with those.

  24. i have never heard of this brand and i will be sure not to buy anything if i do come across it xxxx

  25. The swatches of the deadly gloss looks very unfortunate...
    I've been put off from ordering from them, but honest reviews are important so keep at it!

  26. @ PixieLashes, yeah, I wouldn't recommend! So disappointed.

    @ Scandalous, thanks, I wasn't looking forward to writing it at all :/

    @ Robyn, it does suck! Especially since everyone else loves their Evil Shades stuff and has no complaints. Bleugh.

    @ Bicky, mine was fair from fine! Waste of money.

    @ vonzi, maybe, I hope so because I don't want anyone else to order and get the quality of product I did.

    @ Phoebs, in all honesty this is the first bad experience with an indie company I have had! I've been buying indie for about five years now. I'd recommend Fyrinnae, Darling Girl, Hi-Fi, High Voltage and Sassy Minerals.

    @ Sophie, exactly. I'd have thought they would have checked the second batch...but clearly not. Ah well.

    @ Heather, it is :/ I wouldn't try their eyeshadows now. I'd just expect they to be unblended!

    @ Laquer Ware for Tips and Toes, thanks!

    @ Suki, I do usually buy eyeshadows before anything else, too. I just thought after all the rave reviews the glosses would be a safe bet...I was very wrong. I've just posted a review of the powder blushes :)

    @ Melissa, thanks :)

    @ S.N, the replacement was exactly the same as the first I received. Grainy and unblended...maybe it's just me, but I don't expect to have to blend my own cosmetics as apply them. I just posted a review for the blushes :)

    @ beautyfromanotherplanet, no doubt their customer service is fab. Not a complaint there from me :)

    @ Melly, let me know how the products are when you receive them! I hope they're ok :)

    @ danielleayer, yeah I did think the turnaround time was a bit slow. Hope your package arrives soon!

    @ Rachel, that's exactly who I took so many photos! Can't doubt the evidence.

    @ Alex, save your money!

    @ L, both of the 'Deadly' glosses I received were awful beyond belief. I do have 'Sasha's Heart' which is lovely, though. No doubt that the blended glosses are nice to wear.

    @ Minou, glad to see the lack of blending and missing items is nothing new, then. I wouldn't order again.

    @ Silhoutte Screams, ahaha, thanks! I wouldn't trust buying the eyeshadow now. Would only expect it to be unblended!

    @ Marcey, oh dear :/ That is worrying!

    @ Jasmine, the decent 'Roué' I ordered is impressive and I do like one of the wicked glosses but the rest of the products were just unbelievably low quality. I think the images speak for themselves.

    @ kirstyb, smart choice. Save your cash!

    @ Julia M, everything about the 'Deadly' glosses was unfortunate. I really wouldn't recommend ordering!

  27. i haven't used anything and won't. as they were covered on grease and not shrinkwrapped to prevent contaminating, i don't feel they are hygiene to use..


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