A Quick Word on Evil Shades Blush

Some of you asked what I thought about the blush samples I received on my initial post about Evil Shades, so I thought I'd let you know...

[[ Clamshell pot packaging ]]

I received 'Day Dream' and 'Love Bites' as free samples, which come in clamshell pots. I know a lot of people don't like this style of packaging, since you have to be very careful in order not to get powder everywhere. However, Andrea switched to clamshells from baggies since she has problems with her hands, making filling tiny, fiddly baggies slow and painful. All in all, I actually prefer clamshells since it's easier to get your brush in and see exactly what colour you have.

[[ Samples in jars ]]

There was a very generous amount in each pot. I decided to clean out my two dud pots of 'Deadly' gloss and transfer the blushes from their clam shells into the jars.

[[ Evil Shades 'Day Dream' and 'Love Bites' swatches ]]

The gold in 'Day Dream' is really prominent and gorgeous, I think it is probably Evil Shade's answer to NARS 'Orgasm'. 'Love Bites' is described as a 'soft pink coral with green shift', but to my eyes it's a straight up orangey coral with pink sheen - no green in sight. These shades need a lot of layering on my skin tone to show up as a decent cheek colour, so instead I've taken to using them as highlights. If like me you have huge pores, you might want to avoid these as cheek colours since the shimmer acts like a neon sign pointing them out.

Overall, lovely highlights due to their sheer nature and finish, worth looking into if you fancy a change from the usual colours. $6.50 each for 5g of product. $1.50 for a 1g sample of product. Available from the Evil Shades site.


  1. Wow! Both of those are beautiful colors! While I prefer baggies because they are easier for me to store, I have learned to deal with clamshells. But I always have extra jars around, so like you, I wouldn't hesitate to put something in one of my own jars if I didn't like the packaging!

  2. At first I thought love bites was my favorite but after seeing the shimmery swatch of day dream I cant decide, They are both really pretty

  3. I like those blushes, especially Day Dream. Very pretty.

  4. very delicate! I like it a lot!

  5. pretty shades , thanks for sharing ! love the light pink and peachy colors .


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