Northern Bloggers Meet Up!

Since blogging event are usually in London, it's pretty common that us Northern girls just don't get the chance to meet other beauty bloggers! Well, we could, but last time I went to London it was £78 *yikes*  I thought that Eurocultured would be an ideal day for Northern ladies (and gents) to meet up for a good old natter, a laugh, a few drinks and a dance :)

[[ image - ]]

Eurocultured celebrates the best in music and street art from across Europe - I'm talking break dance shows, flamenco dancing, world music, incredible graffiti artists, dub step, folk, jazz...Performances are mainly outside, housed in by fantastic (cheap) bars, food stands and artists painting the Oxford Road bridge. And if that's not enough to get you interested, how about curry, burgers and pints of tasty, cheap cocktails? It's always so much fun, so inspiring and interesting! I've been for the last few years and it never disappoints.

Sunday 29th of May. I will start meeting people at Picadilly Train Station, outside platform 1 (right near the information desks) at 1pm and we'll set off for the festival at 1:30pm. That way, people have plenty of time to do a bit of shopping beforehand! You can contact me through the day if you arrive late and aren't sure of where you are going.

[[ Tunnels under Oxord Road Station bridge become performance areas...]]

Anyone and everyone 18 and over are welcome! Sorry young'uns for the age limit, but I will panic about anyone younger arriving here and getting home safely. You're welcome to bring whoever you like, my sister and a few of her mates will be there with me. Blokes are more than welcome, my boyfriend will probably think his head is exploding surrounded by chatty beauty bloggers! Everyone, bring your ID. I can't stress that enough, bars will start to ID people at around 8pm. If anyone is local or staying in Manchester, the night *might* end in a trip to the 5th Avenue club.

How Much?
Eurocultured £7.50 advanced for street and venue entry. £10 'on the door'. 5th Avenue is about £4 on the door but much cheaper with flyers or student ID. So far only the early bird weekend tickets are available here. Tickets well be available from surrounding bars soon, so if anyone wants me to pick their up for them - let me know!

[[ Graffiti artists spend the day livening up Oxford Road bridge...]]

Manchester has three train stations and a large bus station, all of which are right near Eurocultured. The furthest away (Victoria Station) is only a ten minute walk. If you want to come but you're unsure of how to get here then don't hesitate to contact me! I will email everybody a map of where Eurocultured is situated and will meet people at Picadilly Station, outside platform 1.

If anyone needs to know of cheap hotels, let me know by email and I'll help you out.

Please email me at lily175[at]hotmail[dot] and put 'BLOG MEET' as the subject line. Please link me to your blog and/ or Twitter, too, if you have one! I'd just like an idea of how many people will be coming along :) I'll compile a list of everyone attending and post it so everyone can check out each other's blogs beforehand.

I will keep emailing everyone interested as more information/ day tickets become available. Feel free to ask  questions here or on Twitter @beautysbadhabit.

Thanks, guys! I hope to see all your lovely faces soon!


  1. This looks great, I have stuff on that weekend and I'm not sure how wheelchair accessible all this would be ;) but maybe if there's another one! x

  2. @ Rachel, the whole festival is on street level and the one bar with steps has a lift for wheel chair users :)


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