Make-up Storage in a Tiny Room...

I was talking to my mum yesterday about moving to uni. She likes to plan things WAY in advance and generally I leave it up to her since she's better organised than me! Then...

Mum - You know what the hardest decision will be, don't you?
Me - What?
Mum - What make-up you're going to take!
Me - All of it...
Mum - And where do you plan on keeping it all?

Good point mother, good point...

1. B&Q - Bigso 2 Drawer Chest - £13.48
2. NEXT - Apothecary Jar - £10
3. WHSmiths - Black Mesh Pen Pot - £4.08
4. IKEA - Propar Spice Jar with Lid - £1.28
5. IKEA - Helmer - £20
6. IKEA - Strikt 4 Piece Desk Set - £7.14
7. IKEA - Habol Box with Lid - £3.05

HERE is where I plan on keeping it all! Various boxes and doo-dads. It's going to crush my soul a little bit to have to leave behind my tool box make-up chest :'( As you might be able to guess, my colours of choice are cherry red and black since it will match my bedding. I LOVE the black storage boxes from IKEA! They are full of such random images, I could probably amuse myself for ages just looking at them all. Plus, at £3.05, it's not like I'll feel guilty if they get ruined or I fancy a change. I've got my eye on that helmer, too, though I'm not sure how big it is exactly - at that price, I'm guessing it's quite small. The apothecary jar from NEXT is gorgeous, but I'm not sure I could justify spending a tenner on it since I'll most likely smash it within 1 week...

Have you seen any decent storage ideas lately? Link me to your storage posts!


  1. I am currently hunting for good storage too! I got some see-through plastic drawers but filled them up so need more! Or I could stop buying stuff- lol! x x x

  2. OMG OMG OMG thanks you :D
    I am soo getting the 5. IKEA - Helmer - £20

  3. No.6 would look great in my room. You're a star for posting this! Thank you x x

  4. The Ikea Helmer Drawers are a reasonable size... these measurements are from their website.

    Width: 28 cm
    Depth: 43 cm
    Height: 69 cm

    If it's not big enough, you could always buy two...

  5. i just got the Habol box yesterday :) you're right, i love looking at the graphics. use it to store my sweaters since it's warmer now.

  6. I just changed my storage yesterday! I have a canvas drawer unit like the helmer but its tall and have a few baskets ontop.
    I might end up popping to ikea though to get more stuff:)x

  7. I don't have any idea's (sorry) but I have to have that Helmer!

  8. Oooo I love the Helmer thing!

    Sarah xx

  9. Yea, you leave your thingy behind but you gets a HELMER! I want one :(

  10. I have an actual small armoire that matches the rest of my bedroom furniture. It fits all of my makeup and my jewelry too, so I don't need multiple containers. I was getting tired of a sea of plastic! :D

    Here's a link of it:

  11. Ive just got back from Birmingham, MUJI have some reallyu great storage stuff. Really good value too. Bit similar to IKEA, but great for mixing and matching to get exatly what you need.
    Hollie x

  12. why can't you take your tool box?

  13. I love the storage you picked out, the red works well the with patterned boxes, I think it'll look fantastic! I've been on the hunt to find some suitable storage for myself, but I never find anything I like :(

  14. am liking the ikea helmer!
    i'd love to get hold of some retro metal filing cabinets.

  15. Whatever you pick make sure it has a lock! Especially if you have roomies.

  16. I use the helmer for my nail polish. I use 2 10 drawer storage units for my makeup, they flank my vanity.

  17. Perfect! Glad I saw this! Thanks.

  18. I've got the Helmer and I don't like it! But I think it's only because it's literally the only place in my tiny room I have to store anything! I have make up in 4 drawers, nail polish in another then one more just with papers/notebooks etc in. It's a good price though and it does hold a lot xxx


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