FOTD - Two Suns

Today my Bat for Lashes CD arrived in the post, 'Two Suns'. It's the first 'physical' CD I've bought in ages (the last before that was Iron & Wine 'Woman King') so I was pretty excited! Natasha Khan is undoubtedly my most respected female musician, her voice is incredible, she writes her own music, plays five instruments, doesn't try to fit with the mainstream and has an awesome style to top it off - what's not to love?!

Anyway, enough rambling.

I'm not a fan of how the crease photographed as being so darn muddy. IRL, it's a nice coppery brown...Ah well, some you win, some you lose!

EYES - UDPP, FPI, MAC 'Old Gold', MAC 'Entremauve' (or 'Grape', they're near enough identical), Mixology 'Rogue', MUA 'Shade 12', Collection 2000 'Purple' felt tip eyeliner, Urban Decay 'Lucky' pencil eyeliner, the most pointless layer of mascara ever.

FACE - Kryolan Ultra Foundation as concealer, Collection 2000 'Matt + Minerals' foundation, Shu Uemura 'Matte Amber' blush, Lancome bronzer, Kryolan powder.

LIPS - MAC 'Jubilee', Soap & Glory gloss.

Also not a fan of how weird I look with next to no eyelashes and no liquid eyeliner! I usually pile on the black liquid eyeliner with colourful/ intricate looks but it's hard to apply when you don't have many eyelashes as a guide. 

Now you should all listen to 'Glass' by Bat for Lashes - it is seriously INCREDIBLE!


  1. Very pretty! Love the color on the lower lashline, must be Copper Penny? And too funny: the most pointless layer of mascara ever! :)

  2. this is so delicate and pretty! love it xx

  3. Love the purple and gold together! x

  4. Thats gorgeous, purple and gold are probably my most worn eye look, never done as well as this though! Great blog btw, I'm now a follower :)

  5. Love this on you. I love the gradient in color. Wish I could be this artistic on myself.

  6. That looks so pretty! Jubilee is one of my favourite lipsticks x

  7. I love Bat for Lashes and this look, it's lovely!

  8. I really like this look!

  9. two suns is a great album plus I ADORE your eye make up, the effect is incredible, wish i could do something like that

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  10. pretty look!! love it :)

  11. Gorgeous look! Really like it! :)

  12. Your eyeshadow always looks so artistic and defined - mine is just a smuged mess!
    And totally LOVE NK - especially 'Daniel' xx

  13. Oh wow, this is really unique! It's colorful in a muted and classy way. Much love.

  14. Love the purple & gold together ! x

  15. @ The Peach, thanks! The lashline is Mixology 'Rogue' over Urban Decay 'Lucky' pencil - but any red toned copper would do the trick :)

    @ Liloo, thanks m'dear!

    @ Hollie, thanks, it's one of my favourite colour combos!

    @ xSafarE, thanks :)

    @ sparkle-and-grey, thanks, I love the purple and gold combo too!

    @ Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes, thanks, I'm sure you could be just as creative on yourself!

    @ Atia, thanks :) Jublee is gorgeous, mine has mushed up in the tube now. Sad times!

    @ sepia_raven, thanks!

    @ Robyn, thanks!

    @ Julianne, isn't her voice fantastic?! Thanks!

    @ DalaLuz, thank you!

    @ cowbiscuits, ta, love this coppery colour.

    @ Sue, thanks!

    @ Hannah, I can't stop listening to it! Thanks, I'm sure you could do something similar!

    @ Saba, thanks!

    @ unleash_the_bats, thanks!

    @ rani de leyla, thanks! Haha, if you eyeshadow is a smudged mess try using a primer and softer brushes for blending.

    @ mytigerlily, thanks!

    @ Jonna, purple and gold is a gorgeous combo!


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