FOTD - Sky Blue and 'That' Purple

A while ago on Twitter, I asked for some eyeshadow colour combination ideas. I'll admit, sometimes I just can't be bothered thinking for myself and you guys do a great job of doing it for me! Anyway, somebody suggested turquoise and purple (who was it?) and I thought immediately of one of my favourite eyeshadow combos...

EYES - UDPP, Nyx 'Milk' jumbo pencil, MAC 'Clear Sky Blue', MUFE 92, MAC 'Entremauve', Sassy Minerals 'Sensible Shoes', Kryolan liquid eyeliner, GOSH pencil eyeliner, random falsies, Sleek black, Sleek indigo, purple glitter.

FACE - Kryolan Ultra Foundation as concealer, Collection 2000 Matt + Minerals foundation, a mish mash of about five different blushes (no idea why), Kryolan powder.

LIPS - MAC 'Blankety' lippy, GOSH 'Darling' lippy, Taxi London 'Mile End' gloss

Aint sky blue and shocking purple just one of the best colour combinations ever in existance of the whole entire Universe? I think so. I hope I can buy a full size of MAC 'Clear Sky Blue' one day because it is hands down my favourite pigment!

Have you got a favourite MAC pigment? Or a favourite sky blue eyeshadow?


  1. Those two colours really compliment each other; the blending is amazing! Looks fantastic :D

  2. Lovely, this color combo is a great one! You blended perfectly :) My favorite pigment would have to be Bright Fuchsia!

  3. That is gorgeous :) Wow I wish I could blend as well as you :o) Very pretty! x

  4. That combination is pretty striking! I'm a bit jealous because I can't pull off blues xx

  5. I really need to get MUFE 92!

    Hollie x

  6. I simply love your eyebrows!!! You blending skills are unbelievable! I love this eye look!

  7. i always like those colors together! so gorgeous on you

  8. Gorgeous look! You've inspired me to crack out my pro palette tomorrow :D xxx

  9. This look is soo pretty! X

  10. that blue pigment is amazing!

  11. Very pretty, ooh fav pigment is a hard one but I'd definately have to go for Teal I love it :) x

  12. Every time I look at your FOTD I get soooo jealous, the way you apply your eyeshadow is amazing!! I really need to get practicising... x

  13. Oh, MUFE 92, you will be mine, one day, you will be mine. I could probably do something similar with the pale blue from the Sleek Circus palette and one of my many purples, though, I love combining purple and blue in looks.

  14. This looks amazing! Your pictures make everything about this look stand out :)
    Thanks for listing the products used....and your blending is the best!

  15. So pretty! You have blending skills to die for!

  16. This is fabulously gorgeous.

  17. SO gorgeous! I recently got a half jar of Clear Sky Blue but have only used it once because I just didn't know what to do with it. This is so, SO pretty. And I own #92 and Entremauve as well, so this whole look just makes me ridiculously happy and is making me want to do wear a colored look for the first time in ages. Beautiful look and thanks for the inspiration :D

  18. Lovely. Such a pretty look, and I echo others, your blending skills are incredible.

  19. Remeber you still owe me a Murder on the dancefloor FOTD - unless you've already done it and I have seen it????!!!!

    Annabella xoxo

  20. This is one of my favorite looks from you, it's beautiful! ^_^

  21. Your eyes look amazing!! i DONT THINK i COULD do that with my eyes! Prettiest look I have seen in a while on eyes! These are my fav colors too


  22. Great job! It suits you well :)

  23. Oh those are gorgeous gorgeous colours.

    Have you ever thought about getting a youtube account? I'd love to see you do tutorials

  24. @ Sophie, love these colours together! It helps that both are gorgeous on their own, too!

    @ Dainty Darling Digits, thanks! Bright Fuchsia is pretty, I used to have a sample but I think I sent it to somebody...I have so many hot pinks now, though!

    @ Hannah, thank you :) Fluffy brushes make blending effortless.

    @ Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes, thanks! Got to love some drama!

    @ Sylvieee, love this colour combo! Anyone can pull off blue, it's just about finding the right shades...Or finding what to pair them with to look good on you :)

    @ Hollie, MUFE 92 is a lovely colour but SUCH A BITCH to blend. It also applies pretty patchy :/ I'd recommend Sugarpill 'Plum Poison' which is apparently pretty close, just a tad darker.

    @ AllthingsGirly, thanks! I'm eyebrow obsessed!

    @ Socialitedreams, more people should wear these colours together! Thanks :)

    @ Mercedes, thank you!

    @ Sue, it really is. Definitely my favourite eyeshadow - which is really saying something!

    @ Lori, teal is pretty! It looks so blue on me, though! Have to put it over a green base for it to be more colour true.

    @ MissTat, thanks!

    @ Beautiful You Beauty Blog, aaaw thank you! Practise makes perfect (or close enough anyway haha)

    @ Julianne, purple and blue are lovely together. I'd say go for Sugarpill 'Poison Plum' over MUFE 92 - MUFE 92 is patchy and hard to blend :/

    @ Blanca1018, thank you so much!

    @ Vulcan_Butterfly, thanks very much!

    @ Phyrra, thank you :)

    @ Shanna, yaaay! You have all the ingredients for this look then! And if you ever fancy parting with your Clear Sky Blue, you know where I am :P

    @ Barefoot Domestic Goddess, aw thank you!

    @ Annabella, yup yup I tweeted you :) Will have to try it again - I looked truly awful when I tried it ahaha.

    @ Heather, aw, thank you m'dear!

    @ Andrea D, thanks! I bet you could do it if you tried :)

    @ Risha, thank you!

    @ Sonidlo, thanks!

    @ Jonna, thanks!

    @ Lea Dee, love these colours! I do have a Youtube but never update it. I feel so awkward in front of the camera and it really shows!

  25. This looks so amazing. Obsessed. obsessed. Wahh I have to try thiss.


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