FOTD - Easy Smokey Look with MAC 'Old Gold'

 MAC 'Old Gold' is quite possibly one of the most recognisable pigments out there. True, it has its dupes, I think there is a similar mica a good few indie companies use to make eyeshadows with the same green/ gold duochrome (usually called 'Aztec Gold' or the same 'Old Gold'). I can never really decide whether I really like it or not...over black it looks awesome, but on its own...hmm...I'm not quite sold.

[[ 'Old Gold' is the only true colour in this look - layering it over black eyeliner brings out the green duochrome ]]

[[ I should take the cash I'm NOT spending on cosmetics and finally buy new plugs! ]]

EYES - UDPP, E.L.F black cream eyeliner, MAC 'Old Gold', Sassy Minerals 'Understated', Urban Decay 'Zero', Natural Collection black pencil eyeliner random falsies, mascara.

FACE - Shu Uemura under base mousse, Collection 2000 'Matt + Minerals' foundation, Kryolan ultra foundation as concealer, Kryolan powder, Accessorize 'Bermuda' bronzer, Evil Shades 'Love Bite' blush, Sleek 'Peach' Glo palette.

LIPS - MAC 'Honeylove' lipstick, Taxi London 'Mile End' gloss.

It looks distinctly like I was going out in these pictures, doesn't it? Unfortunately I wasn't. I just went to the pub with my Dad, his mate and my boyfriend - then back home for curry and cake! I'm off to Bolton tomorrow for the uni tour, accommodation tour and presentation on media and computer graphics/ imaging. I'm not exactly sure what to expect - but I'm excited, I think it will really hit home that I'll be moving there at the end of the year!

What do you think of 'Old Gold'? What are you favourite duochrome eyeshadows?


  1. This is pretty too.
    Ooh and new plugs! Do itttttt!!

  2. this is just perfect, perfect and soft, and sultry and gorgeouuuuuuuuuuuus xx

  3. So pretty! I love Old Gold but you're right, on it's own it's just not right it needs to be over black. I love doing Old Gold over sharkskin shadestick all over the lid & then using goldmine in the inner corners. So simple but so pretty! Especially with a green glitter liner!

  4. If you wouldn't have stated it, I wouldn't have realized that it was ONE color and the eyeliner allowed that flash of green to show through. Wow! Have fun touring your college. :)

  5. looks really pretty but you know i have Old Gold..and im not a big fan of has this crazy greenish tone to it..its hard for me to work with..ill sometimes sometimes apply it on top of other goldish colors..ughhhhhh!!

  6. o... and my fav duochrome is Pink Opal and Pink Bronze soooooooooo pretty

  7. gorgeous! :) those combinations reminds me of a peacock :D really perfect eh? followed you

  8. Lovely. I really like doing duochrome looks like this, nice and simple :) My fave is probably MAC Club, another one with loads of dupes.

  9. I think it's gorgeous!

  10. This is such a pretty color. :) I love it. I love the combination.

  11. Love this look! It's a really great color combo.

  12. Love this! I have a thing for green shadow on eyes, it always attracts me, although Im not confident enough for something like that. I stick to boring greens like Olives ha.

  13. @ Risha, thanks! I knooow, I'm SO in need of new plugs! Pretty sure I've been wearing the same ones for over a year :S

    @ Liloo, thanks beaut'

    @ Cupcake Muncher, thanks! I'll try out how you wear it, will have to improvise for what to use for the 'Goldmine' but I have so many gold eyeshadows anyway!

    @ Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes, yeah, the duochrome in Old Gold is so strong that it takes on the different colours so easily!

    @ Funky Mac Girl, yeah it is a strange colour! I think it's how orangey the gold looks when it's blended out that I don't like. Looks weird with the green in it. Pink Opal is pretty and I LOVE pink bronze!

    @ The Beauty-Addict, thank you :)

    @ sepia_raven, 'Club' is gorgeous, I have the MUA dupe!

    @ DalaLus, thank you :)

    @ MissMidnightBlue, thank you!

    @ Sue, thanks!

    @ Jennifer Leigh, all of the colour is chosen for you in the pigment itself - green and gold! Love duochromes!

    @ Jo, thanks! I have so many green eyeshadows but never wear them because the richer shades don't really suit me :/ 'Old Gold' is pretty wearable though, it's worth getting a sample just to try out :)


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