REVIEW - Shu Uemura Glow On Blush

Being the blush fiend that I am, when I was lucky enough to win a giveaway from Shu Uemura UK, I picked out two blushes to receive as part of my prize. The first being 'Matte Peach' (AKA 'Medium Peach') and the second being 'Matte Amber' (AKA 'Medium Amber).

[[ Shu Uemura Matte Peach and Matte Amber Glow on Blush ]]

[[ Loose powder visible through the clear plastic ]]

The blushes are housed in a clear plastic box, which contains all of the product information. Upon shaking the blush from its plastic prison you will find...yet more clear plastic. Lets just say I'm not exactly sold on the packaging. If I were paying £19 for a blush, I'd expect something a little more refined and luxurious. Instead you get something that wouldn't look out of place in a toddler's plastic play make-up set. Plus, the loose powder gets stuck down the sides of the pan, which of course you can see through the plastic casing. Aesthetics aside, it is functional, wipes clean and it's easy to see which shade you've picked up straight away.

[[ Shu Uemura 'Matte Peach' and 'Matte Amber' Glow on Blush ]]

Don't you just love when brands say 'matte' and mean 'matte'? That's what you get with Shu Uemura - no little sparkles,  no slight sheen - a true matte. Both 'Matte Amber' and 'Matte Peach' buff on leaving a natural looking glow, but you do have to buff (as with all matte face colours) to avoid 'old lady face'. Pigmentation isn't high and I do use about four layers to get any kind of colour, although since these are meant to simply enhance the complexion for a natural look I'll let them off.

[[ Shu Uemura 'Matte Peach' and 'Matte Amber' swatches ]]

I've been wearing 'Matte Peach' quite often after realizing it was such an awesome dupe for my long lost love, MAC 'What a Dame!' beauty powder. 'Matte Peach' is slightly warmer, but that only means that it suits my skintone better! They last very well through the day, better than most powder blushes - especially on my oily skin which seems to devour most powder products through the day.

Shu Uemura Glow On Blush retails at £19 for 5g of product from Harvey Nichols, Spake NK or online. Would I buy in future? I would be very tempted indeed! I've fallen a little bit in love with Matt Peach and enjoy the finishes of these blushes - if I were employed, I wouldn't think twice.


  1. My first thoughts were also about how cheap the packaging looks. I don't know what it is but I prefer black or gold packaging when it comes to makeup.

  2. "If I were employed, I wouldn't think twice"

    This is my mantra for so many things too!

  3. it looks a bit cheap, but i do like the colors of the blush =D

  4. I love the peach one but Im not sold on the packaging either :(

  5. They just look so boring and chalky. Personally I wouldn't be tempted at that price

  6. The amber one looks really pretty! The packaging just wouldn't catch my eye at all in a shop but I guess when you have a massive collection it's nice to be able to see what blush you're looking for.

  7. Matte peach looks awesome! I would definitely want that one!

  8. Yeah I agree with you the packaging is not up to par at all. I'm not sure if I would ever purchase these. I don't think they look worth it, i'd have to try it first.

  9. Oh I LOVE that Matte Peach shade! I am a fan of Shu Uemura products :)
    I have also have a matte pink Shu blush in #33b

    PopBlush xo

  10. @ Tass, I have to agree. Black looks so much sleeker. Clear plastic always looks cheap.

    @ sweetest_potato, haha, mine too!

    @ Elisa, yup they do look cheap - they look nice worn, though!

    @ xmisslorix, the peach is ace, packaging really does look cheap though.

    @ Arlene, they do look boring (as do most mattes) but they aren't chalky. I think these are definitely one of those products you have to see/ try for yourself to appreciate.

    @ Robyn, the amber one gives a real 'Winter flush' kind of look. I guess Shu don't think they need flash, attention grabbing packaging since you either have to purposely hunt them down online or in one of two stores.

    @ Kimberly, matte peach is lovely!

    @ Emily Anne, they are certainly products you would have to try out in person to appreciate them. They don't look too appealing in pictures!

    @ PopBlush, isn't matte peach fab?! I haven't seen the matte pink in person.

  11. LOL @ old lady face XD I like the look of Matte Peach!


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