REVIEW - Beauty UK 'Metallic Eye Sparks'

A couple weeks ago in Superdrug, I stopped by the Beauty UK stand to see what would take my fancy...My eyes landed upon the 'Metallic Eye Sparks' and my mind flicked back to swatches of them I had seen on this post. Since I'd been craving one of MAC's blue shadesticks for years and I'm a sucker for purple, it's those shades which made it home with me...

[[ Beauty UK Metallic Eye Sparks ]]

Obviously, the packaging had been a bit mauled. The workers at Superdrug had decided to tape the lid to the pencil to stop the hands of little ragamuffin girls ripping them open and squishing them against the stand (it's classy, where I live). Eitherway, it's what I like to see in packaging - simple, no fuss, no novelty doo-dads.

[[ Beauty UK Metallic Eye Sparks ]]

The pencil itself is very creamy and applies like a dream with no drag and no patchiness. It's easy to build up the colour, but I recommend you only do this along the lashline since these pencils quite enjoy creasing. 'Metallic Eye Sparks' work fairly well as an eyeshadow base if you apply them in a fine layer over a primer and pat eyeshadow over the top.

[[ Beauty UK Metallic Eye Sparks swatches ]]

The colours are BEAUTIFUL. There's no way I could capture how stunning these are, so I recommend you have a nosey at them next time you're in Superdrug. I also hear from Beauty UK that they are clearing out 'old stock with old branding' to make room for their 'new stock with new branding.' and that they will also be increasing their presence in Superdrug stores. Bigger displays? I think so!

Beauty UK is currently on sale in Superdrug, I got my eye sparks for half the usual price of £2.49. Get down there and grab a bargain!


  1. Oh wow they're stunning! They sort of look like they've been put over a black eyeliner base, I love that effect! next time I go to the UK, may have to get me some of those :) x

  2. They look great, I'll have to take a look in person!

  3. Oooo I didn't know it was on sale - might have to go check these out! Our Superdrug never tapes the lids down though - they've always been utterly maulled by teenagers :/

  4. I love them. They are actually very comparable to Estee Lauder long wear cream shadows. They do exactly the same colours.

  5. I have the grey, purple, gold and orange of these and they're lovely bases! Pretty good bargain!

  6. I like those colours; shame we don't get stuff like that here in Aus. All our discount pharmacy stuff is still expensive unless it's shockingly bad quality. I really like that blue though.

  7. nice one! bargain bargain! little ragamuffin girls = lol. there is no way i would have been interested in these before i knew the trick of putting very soft pencils in fridge before sharpening. now i know, there is no stopping me hehe :) xx

  8. I love the purple one, I have a few items from beauty UK but ill definately be popping into superdrug to see it i can get one of these, I'd love a green one.
    hope you do a fotd with them.

  9. So pretty! I'll be looking out for these (especially the purple) when I go into town next! x

  10. @ Nats, they are lovely!

    @ sepia_raven, they are well worth a look :)

    @ Emily, eeew, I hate dirty make-up stands. They are rife in Manchester though :/ Aye, they're worth a look :)

    @ Mercedes, really? They are popular colours but strange that they are the same! I'd never pay much for a cream eye product though - they always crease so really you're only paying for the name.

    @ Robyn, I want the gold! They are lovely to have.

    @ Nicoletta, no problem :)

    @ Sophie, oh dear :/ I wasn't into make-up when I lat went to Australia so I don't have a clue about that! I'm always willing to ship products to other countries if you ever see something from the UK you fancy.

    @ Liloo, popping soft eyeliner in the fridge is awesome! I'm usually too lazy and just end up with smushed pencils haha.

    @ Makeup Morsels, it really is! beautiful :)

    @ xmisslorix, the purple one is lovely. I think the green is like an olive colour. There will be FOTDs :)

    @ Rachel, hope you like them!

  11. Can you use this long the waterline? I'm looking for a eggplant purple and the purple shade would be perfect!

  12. @ Tanzie, you could, but they wouldn't be as intense. I think GOSH have a huge selection of coloured pencil eyeliners - maybe they'll have your perfect eggplant purple!


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