My Make-up Storage/ Stash

A few days ago I found myself on my hands and knees, scrubbing away at an industrial tool box. Well, it was a tool box in a former life, but now it's been my make-up box for about three years! My sister kept stealing my make-up (most annoying my MAC lippies, of which she still has at least three) so I did what any other teen would do - whined and moaned to my parents. My Dad took me out to his garage, pointed at a huge, unused, red tool box with a lock and said 'Will that do?' It was love at first sight and soon we were hauling it up three flights of stairs into my bedroom. The key was added to my key chain and my make-up was safe from the sister's sticky fingers. It has a few battle scars and never seems to buff up completely, but I couldn't imagine being without it now!

[[ Shiny! ]]

[[ Spacious! ]]

Click to read more, see more pics and perv on my make-up collection :)

[[ Workspace section ]]

The workspace section has some of my daily products on it - cleanser, hand cream, water spray and baby wipes. The little box has bobbles, clips and some business cards for various indie companies in it. I sometimes jot down ideas for blog posts or write notes on products I need to review or photograph in the Pukka pad. I usually have my brush roll in there too. When I see a nice promo image or business card, I stick it to the inside of the lid :)

[[ Top set of drawers ]]

The first drawer is full of face products - primers, concealers, foundation, blush, powders and highlighters. The middle drawer has neutral eyeshadows from various brands in it, the third holds bright eyeshadows and glitters. Yes, I use MAC lipstick boxes as padding in my drawers - sliding eyeshadows annoy me!

[[ Middle drawers ]]

The fourth drawers is eyeliners, mascara and primers galore! I didn't realise quite how many I own - even though I generally only use a few of them :S The boxes are from a candle set I got ages ago, but they're the perfect size to fit in my drawers! The fifth drawer holds my most used palettes, I always use my Yaby palette and Ben Nye blush palette. The sixth houses random palettes, mainly Urban Decay and miscellaneous single eyeshadows. The net bag has some eyeshadow samples stored inside it.

[[ Bottom drawers ]]

The seventh drawer is where all of my falsies and glues go, there are also some gems and flat backed pearls flung in there. In the eight drawer is....well, what is there?! It's where all the random junk I think might come in useful one day goes - I should probably just bin it all. The ninth drawer is my favourite of course - lip products! I think if I buy any more I'll have to start spreading into another drawer...

[[ Second large drawer ]]

The second large drawer is full of make-up books and magazines. You may have noticed I've skipped the other two larger drawers - one is full of kit make-up and the other has more magazines and some products I want to add to giveaways in it ;)

I usually have my tool box next to my window so I get some natural light. I pop my chair in front of it and its the perfect height to use like a make-up table. I always know where every single piece of my make-up is because it's so easy to organise it in the drawers! I'd recommend one of these to everyone, but think people with thieving relatives or curious kids would really appreciate them. It's a great relief to be able to lock it, leave it and not have to worry about any of your favourite pieces of make-up 'disappearing'. They are pretty darn expensive though, but a worthwhile investment. I wouldn't be surprised if one this size would set you back about £120. They're available from mechanic supply stores, building supply stores and even Halfords.

How do you store your make-up?


  1. I have MAJOR collection envy, this is WOW!

    Bx xx

  2. That box is so cool! Your dad is a genius.
    I store my collection in my dressing table and then I got a 9 drawer thing from Muji. I also got some acrylic drawer stacks from Muji too.

  3. *steals Ben Nye palette and runs away*

    I think this is pretty cool. I'd totally do this, and might even have to in the future. Hey, and if you move you can just wheel it out! At the moment this is my storeage but I'm running out fo room. My make-up books and scrapbook when I keep my cuttings are all on my big bookcase in my living room.

  4. what a great idea!!!! wow...if only i could find a hot pink large tool box like that :)

  5. this is amazing a great idea!!!

  6. wow, what a great huge collection! Such a great idea using a tool box

  7. omg that is suchhh a good idea!! i agree with kaitlynn, if only it came in pink.. but who knows, what with equality within the sexes, we might get lucky ;)
    I use a bog standard beauty box my post of storage is here (
    but now i envy your storage!


  8. This is so awesome! Great idea and fantastic collection =)

  9. What a great storage idea! I have been trying to figure out a better way to store my makeup. I'm slowly making progress on reorganizing. But the toolbox is an awesome storage box!

  10. Very nice! I need something H-U-G-E to put all my make-up in. It is currently spread out in about 4 train cases. I really want to find some sort of piece of furniture that will fit all my goods :)

  11. That box looks so unique!!!Love your make up storage and the post!!

  12. I love that idea of storing makeup!
    I have a container from Target that has multiple drawers like that. One drawer for face, one for lips, one for pallets, and one for eyes

  13. Great idea, especially because it's lockable. Thankfully I don't have to worry about theiving relatives becuase my brother doesn't wear make up, lol. So my make up is stored in on my desk. I have those filing stands for my palettes and these two boxes full of clear drawers that I got from a hardware store and I keep all my loose shadows in, everything else just goes in the drawers. Works out ok though because my stash is still at a manageable size hehe. Great post though! :)

  14. Awesome use of a tool box! LOL Those things are pretty indestructible too.

  15. I am so jealous of your collection and it is ingenious to use a toolbox! I was thinking of getting a tackle box but before I do I think I need to root around in my garage!

    Right now I have a train case just for lippies and a plastic 3 drawer storage for everything else.

  16. This is a really neat, original idea and I love how even though it's a "manly" gadget it's still so perfect for makeup - as though it were made for womanly tools instead of manly ones XD

  17. Woo girl! That's nice! I remember you posting this somewhere else a while back. Still think that's one of the best ways I've ever seen make-up stored. :D

  18. I love this. It's so unique... a toolbox to hold makeup just seems so cool, using a "manly" thing to hold "girly" things.

  19. super awesome makeup storage. looks sturdy and really, very safe. love the color too! :)

  20. wow this is so nice!!! I know the feeling that you sister is steeling everything:P
    nice that your father gave it to you
    ps: Would you like to join our Hugo Boss and Armani giveaway?

  21. @ beautyH2T, haha, I do have quite a lot :S Might have to whittle it down again soon!

    @ Mercedes, he is :) It's so awesome! I used to have stacker drawers, they're so useful.

    @ Robyn, haha, my BN palette is falling apart tbh :S Trunk doesn't have wheels and my room's on the third floor of an old Victorian house...lets just say I'm NOT looking forward to getting it down haha. I've be terrified of knocking off all those boxes you have on your slider drawer.

    @ Kaitlynn, haha, you could always spray one pink...

    @ Alex, it really is! My dad is a make-up storage genius haha.

    @ Penelope, worrying how I keep running out of space, isn't it? Ahaha. Tool boxes are great for makeup storage :)

    @ Emily, aha, get oooone...

    @ Esteeem, haha, there might be flowery ones with fluffy handles soon :P You could always get a plain one and spray it pink...

    @ Allie Bunni, it's ace, can't imagine using anything else!

    @ The Peach, I'd whole heartedly recommend a tool box - they're awesome for organisation.

    @ Susan, hmmm, maybe a build in wardrobe?! Loads of shelves with boxes and drawers...That would be amazing!

    @ Blushingloves Irene Greece, it is awesome! Fab storage :)

    @ Emily Anne, I used to sort mine like that :) Had a little set of drawers which fitted on my window sill...then the collection grew!

    @ Sophie, sounds like you're organised to me! Those stacker drawers and craft boxes are so useful for makeup storage.

    @ froggistyle73, it is! It gets a fair battering, I've ripped jeans and tights on the edges of the drawers before though -_- More likely to destroy me than me destroying it!

    @ Kimberly, I think men would be surprised to see our uses for their 'man boxes' (that sounded wrong) but they are great for storing make-up.

    @ YoursTrulySukiX, ahaha, I know! My Dad laughed and shook his head when he saw it all full of makeup!

    @ Rachel, ha, I think I posted it on Specktra :) It is an awesome way of storing make-up. I couldn't imagine having loads of boxes etc now!

    @ Heather, haha it is awesome. My dad is a genius.

    @ Miss savealittle, it is super sturdy and safe. The colour kinda reminds me of retro, American cars...

    @ TheMadTwins, yeah it was SO annoying! Still need to retrieve some things from her. Yeah, I owe him one for it, one of my fave things!

  22. Awesome collection and great toolbox. I use a plastic toolbox but I need to upgrade it to something bigger. After Kaitlynn's comment I found this and now I want one, hehe.

  23. This is an awesome storage idea! I've heard of using fishing tackle boxes, but this is almost weirder and therefore cooler XD

  24. Wow that's such a cool toolbox!! And great make up collection! x

  25. Cool storage idea. I first saw this yesterday and drooled. And drooled some more.

    And then i thought hard about this and recalled that my Dad might have an empty one in his garage. From his days as a mechanic. And he indeed does. When he retired he sold his tools and this box, but, the buyer took the tools and said he would come back sometime for the toolbox, when he had a truck. And since that was almost 20 years ago(!!!) I will be the proud new owner it in the next couple days. Amazingly for being that old, it steel is rust free (and fairly clean since it had a moving blanket over it!) I am beyond excited and thankful you blogged about this or I would never have remembered it.

    Oh, and here in the US they run about 700 - 900 for the good ones. So, we just need to thank our Dads!


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