It's Lookin' Like a Limb Torn Off

Or all together just taken apart
We're reeling through an endless fall
We are the ever-living ghost of what once was

These photos are part of a set, which I'm pairing up with scans of some latex faces I made. Not the best...but they get the idea across. It's pretty grim, wrapping your head in cling film and stuffing scissors up your nostrils so you can breathe. I like how the light bounced off the surface though; it made for an interesting texture.

I feel a bit nervous about my university interviews, now...You should see my portfolio. It compromises of so many strange and macabre things! I didn't even mean it to. Bones, dismembered hands, distorted faces, chunks of skin...I guess that's just how I think :S


  1. The cling film looks a little like really fine angel hair or something - cool! My college portfolio ended up with pictures of women pissing in sinks or covered in cake, I had a mosaic made out of condoms and an enormous painting of a vibrator (yeah, I was cool :S) so don't worry about it. You'll rock your uni interviews :)

  2. I love that first photo! If these photos are anything to go by, you'll smash that Uni interview!

  3. Yeah, the whole idea of having saran wrap on your head is a little scary to me...But it looks ridiculously cool!

  4. I watched one of my class mates do this back in college, it was quite funny but it looked suffocating!

    I'm very interested in getting a peek into your portfolio. It sounds great!

    Very cool pictures!

  5. Your portfolio sounds very interesting... In a good way!

  6. Looks scary, but so cool!!
    Would love to see your portfolio, sounds interesting! x


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