How to Depot Urban Decay 'Book of Shadows' and 'Deluxe' Palettes

If you're anything like me, you hate daft, excessive, wasteful packaging - and those are the three words I'd use to describe the majority of Urban Decay palettes. I honestly can't believe I've only just gotten around to depotting them, because they have been graceless, cumbersome lumps in my make-up drawers for a while - sucking up room and being annoying. So anyway, this is how I depotted mine...

[[ Pretty single pans of Urban Decay eyeshadow! ]]

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How to Depot the Urban Decay 'Book of Shadows'

You will Need
- Book of Shadows (duh)
- A thin, sturdy pointed tool (like a metal nail file or cuticle pusher)

1. Wedge your pointed tool between the pan and the edge of the packaging. There is usually already a little gap nearer the corners. Wiggle your tool, pushing against the edge of the packaging. The pan should start to pop out enough for you to work your tool underneath and then pull it out by hand.

2. Continue in this way until your palette is empty. Be careful!

3. Pull off any bits of cardboard or glue still stuck to the pans and admire your depotted eyeshadows :)

How to Depot the Urban Decay 'Deluxe' Palette

You will Need
- Urban Decay 'Deluxe' palette
- Stanley knife or scalpel with strong blade.

I originally tried to use the above method, but the packaging is a lot sturdier and the glue seems to be stronger - so it didn't exactly work. It only resulted in twisted pans and cracking eyeshadow! I decided ripping the palette apart would be the next logical step.

1. Use the scalpel to cut around the bottom of where the eyeshadows are housed. Now use some brute force to rip if from the back of the palette (what it is attached to) and the lid.

2. Score around the sides of what remains of the palette and peel away the outer paper to reveal the cardboard inside.

3. Wedge the scalpel blade between the two back sheets of cardboard and wiggle it until there is enough room for you to pull it apart with your fingers. The pans will remain attached to the cardboard.

4. Use your scalpel or another thin tool to work the pans free from the cardboard. Finished!

The next logical step for both of these methods would be to pop them into a magnetised palette...I don't have one but I am waiting for the postman to deliver something I can store these in! For now I'm keeping them all in a little box, with layers of bubble wrap for extra protection :) Don't they look pretty all lined up next to each other?!

I'll post again once my little delivery arrives ;) I hope you found this helpful!


  1. Great post! I have so many palettes and honestly forget about half the colors because I just want to grab something quick most of the time.

    I can't wait to see what you put them in, so I can copy off of you. LOL

  2. Great post!! :) I've depotted my regular eyeshadows (like MAC and No.7) but I've never attempted to depot an Urban Decay one! I'm gonna bookmark this post now for when I have my next depotathon! :)

  3. Love this! It made me laugh when you said 'they have been graceless, cumbersome lumps in my make-up drawers for a while - sucking up room and being annoying'. I feel this way about a lot of my collection!

  4. Awesome! Now I need to depot my sustainable shadow box palette :P I've got a tutorial coming up tomorrow showing how to depot Flirt! eye shadows, because they've got awful, bulky packaging.

  5. I was always put off the BOS because they're so bloody huge! I never even though they'd be easy to depot because they're cardboard! D'oh! Thanks for the tut!

  6. Oooooo interesting! See I do love my BOS and use them all the time but it would be awesome to be able to take them away. Saying that though I just don't think I could bring myself to destroy my Alice palette....

  7. i just recently depotted all my MUA eyeshadows and its so much more easier having them all in one palette... it would be so much easier to do this with my UD palettes but i kinda like the packaging as bulky as it is!

  8. I hardly ever use my BOS2 because it's so big and annoying. The packaging looks pretty but isn't practical at all! I'm glad the Naked palette is slimlne. Thanks for the tips, I just need a new palette now x

  9. I love you for saying that the UD palettes are annoying! They look SO good out of those darn palettes! Cannot wait to see how you store them permanently.

  10. Great idea, I never thought about depotting my UD but I'll definately try it,
    I've just depotted all my ruby and millie ones from the travel case into magnetic palettes, so my UD ones will be next.

    also I gave you a lil award

    x Lori x

  11. @ Susan, I do the same! I usually forget all about my palettes, which is a shame since there are such lovely colour in them!

    @ Ms. Wedgie, ooooh, I hadn't thought to depot my No.7 ones! Nice idea :D

    @ Rachel, haha, doesn't help if the packaging screams out for attention! Just makes them seem a bit obnoxious :P

    @ Phyrra, hope it goes well for you! Your Flirt eyeshadow swatches looked gorgeous, btw.

    @ Robyn, the bulky packaging does make them annoying. Imagine if you own all three!

    @ Emily, yeah, it's almost a shame to destroy them, but I never look at the pop up bit. Only interested in the eyeshadows themselves!

    @ XSafarE, I might depot my MUA don't realise how much can be depotted until you start doing it!

    @ Tass, I think everyone breathed a surprised sigh of relief when the Naked palette was slimline!

    @ Suki, they are SO annoying! No need for all that wasted cardboard!

    @ xmisslorix, thanks for the blog award :D Hope the depotting goes well for you!

  12. Thanks for posting this! I love the packaging they come in normally, but they take up so much space sometimes! I might get brave enough to try this one day!


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