'Hitting Pan'...

Oh, that dreaded moment. The twinge of disbelief when you first hit pan on one of your favourite products - or worse, a limited edition product (God forbid!) That metal is beaming back at you, empty lipstick tube mocking you, 'pfff' sound teasing you as you desperately squeeze at an empty tube ('Just one last bit! Pleeease!'). But lets be honest, more often than not we're emptying things we use every day that we can pick up again in the next round of shopping. Lets see what I've 'hit pan' on...

MAC 'What a Dame!' beauty powder. Would you believe that it got to this point about six months after I bought it? I loved it and honestly could have cried when I was left with the remaining dregs around the side! I've found that Shu Uemura 'Peach Glow Medium' blush is a close enough dupe.

MAC 'Nylon' eyeshadow. I used to use this almost daily...until my sister 'borrowed' it. Needless to say, I got it back and I honestly haven't used it that often since! However, it is a particularly striking highlight.

Yaby shell, white, dark brown and black eyeshadows. The shell colour is great to highlight the inner corners of the eyes, the white is super white and super matte, the dark brown is a great eyebrow filler and the black is the deepest I own. Pigmentation is impressive and considering how dinky the pans are, I'm surprised that they have lasted so long!

Topshop cream blush in 'Nutmeg'. Such a lovely colour which really does work with everything! If I'm unsure of which blush to choose I'll always pick 'Nutmeg' because I know it will be perfect :)

Too Faced 'Sweet Cream' eyeshadow. 'Sweet Cream' is one of those highlights you don't need to think about - you know that it will just work, no matter what other eyeshadows you're wearing!

Dark brown MUA eyeshadow. Another fantastic eyebrow filler! And for £1, it's worth checking out.

Urban Decay eyeshadows. These are all from the 'Deluxe' palette, which was one of the first palettes I owned! All of the eyeshadows were used to death, but these three were clearly my faves. 'Honey' is a stunning gold, 'Scratch' is a beautiful salmon-beige and zero is a black with subtle shimmer. All very wearable!

Have you hit pan on anything lately? Are you careful not to use your limited edition items too often in a bid to pro-long them?


  1. Haven't hit the pan since I only owned just one eyeshadow and blush :P

  2. great post! I think I need those Urban Decay shadows in my life :) I've hit pan on Rimmels Stay Matte powder twice in a few months now :S

  3. Wow you've hit pan on a lot! :) I haven't hit pan lately, but sometimes it's a relief cuz I'm working on a project pan :) I never think about it on my LE items, which I probably should! I'll be gutted when my MAC Vintage Selection hits pan :(

  4. Yes omg I hate hitting pan, or when you can see that your perfect bottle of foundation is running out through the glass bottle and you can't do the snip and squeeze trick like with plastic. I'm currently low on nars orgasm blush, feels like my life is ending xx

  5. I love looking at posts like this (mainly because I'm nosey)

    I wanted a real to life look at that Nutmeg blusher so thanks!

  6. I love and hate hitting pan...if it's something expensive or LE then it's pretty upsetting but with regular products I feel a bit of a sense of achievement! The only thing I regularly hit pan on is pressed powder. I'm awful at using things up. x

  7. i haven't really hit pan :D if i do it'll be such a major accomplishment for me XD!!!

    great job on hitting pans on so many products! but i know how awful it is to hit pan on LE / HG products...:/

  8. I've hit pan on Benefit Boi-ing concealer but I have a Collection 2000 concealer that does a far better job so no need to re-purchase! Also, my eyebrow pencil is about 3cm long!

  9. I hit pan AGES ago on one of my matte Revlon highlight shades... it's pretty large, but since then (probably a year nearly), it seems like it hasn't gone down AT ALL, lol! It weirds me out. I dunno how I raced to the bottom that quick and now I still use it the same amount and it's not going anywhere. I've hit pan on nearly all of my eyebrow colors (I change them so often).

  10. I hit pan on my Urban Decay YDK eyeshadow recently. I use it with clear gloss for lip color as well as shadow..Thank goodness its not Limited!

  11. I am close to hitting pan on Stila eyeshadow in Java.

  12. I hate hitting pan in a palette - it annoys me when they're all uneven. There's a few sleek Shades with the pan winking back up at me, and I only have a teeny little speck of Fyrinnae Polar Bear left :(

  13. i have a couple of eyeshadow that have hit pan and my mac pro concealers have also hit pan..i try not to really grab limited editions for the fact that you'll never get it again..blahhhhh

  14. Wow, I haven't hit pan on a single makeup product in all my life LOL!

  15. I'm with Gaby I have yet to hit pan I'm getting there with my Mac MSF natural.

  16. I've rarely hit pan, but that's more to buying lots of stuff and never really using one up. But I have gone through Cover Girl's Tru Blend pressed face powder twice this year. Hoping to "clear up" a few pans this year, including using up the sample I bought before I open the full size version....

  17. I have never hit pan on anything mainnly because I buy too many new things and forget to use them :|

    I'm scared of using Ripe Peach because I don't want it to run out. I wish I had bought two xx

  18. I love the feeling of hitting pan.. It feels like an achievement and like I got my moneys worth out of the product.. I've never hit pan yet on a limited edition product. I'm sure that won't feel as good.

  19. The only things I've hit pan on are face powders, and my one elf highlighter. I have so many shadows, I dont think I will ever end up finishing them :P

  20. This UD palette was my first too when I decided to start playing with make up! Scratch is one of my faves too ;-) It's an amazing shade

  21. u hit pan heaps! it means u used ur money's worth! :) i no its sad wen u love it tho..

  22. WOW you hit the pan a lot..! I hate doing that.. I get scared Lol

  23. Ohhh wow! I've never ever hit pan on an eyeshadow before, that's pretty impressive! I hit pan on my Rimmel Stay Matte powder sometime over the summer, but it's still a relatively small hole, even though I use it every day.

  24. I always feel so sad when I hit pan or I accidentally break one of my pressed powders, its not a good feeling at all, my mac starflash rated r eyeshadow is almost hitting pan and its not good, I'm dreading it finishing its my favorite colour xx

  25. @ Birmingham Lady, haha really? I think most of these are products I was using when I first started buying make-up, too, though!

    @ Get Gawjus, you dooo! Honey is amazing and Zero is so easy to work with :) Eee, Rimmel powder goes down so quickly! I'm always whizzing through it too :S

    @ MakeYuUp, yeah I can see how it would be a relief doing project pan! Hitting pan on LE stuff may cause a mini heart attack :/

    @ FromGemWithLove, I usually take the pump or top off glass bottles and get the foundation out with a cotton bud until I'm well and truly out of it! Glass bottles are such a pain -_- There are loads of Nars 'Orgasm' blush dupes, so shouldn't be too hard to top up!

    @ Rhamnousia, I do too :S Nutmeg is amazing. I wasn't sure about it in the store but I'm so happy I bought it now!

    @ LilyLipstick, yeah, I'm not too fussed about cheap stuff either. I'm always hitting pan/ running out on powder, too! But Rimmel pressed powder is only about £3.50, so it's not too bad :)

    @ Jennifer, hitting pan can be like an achievement sometimes! Definite pain if it's a LE product though!

    @ Julia M, oooh I've heard good things about Collection 2000 concealers! Must have a look next time I'm in Superdrug.

    @ Wendy, ahaha, it's a never ending eyeshadow! I've hot pan on all my eyebrow colours too, Yaby, MUA and Sleek :S

    @ Alaina, PLUS you're getting double the usage using it as a gloss...so I vote that's double the value you're getting from it!

    @ Cosmetics Aficionado, hope it's not an 'Oh no!' moment when you do!

    @ Robyn, lol I know what you mean! Especially when the other shades are barely touched. Looks so unbalanced :/

    @ funkymacgirl, I think I'm drawn to LE items, even though it's a pain when you know you can't replace them :S Smart move not to get suckered into them!

    @ GABY, haha, there will come a day that you will!

    @ R., agreed!

    @ Andrea, it will happen! I was so surprised when I first hit pan :S

    @ Bastet, I must admit now that I have more stuff it's much rarer that I hit pan. I'm tempted to do project pan, but that would mean less stuff to blog about for aaages.

    @ Tass, you will hit pan eventually! Might be worth doing a dupe hunt of ripe peach.

    @ Jillian, I understand that view, the feeling of getting your money's worth. Not good hitting pan on LE items :/

    @ Heather, I think it would be near enough IMPOSSIBLE to finish a whole jar of loose eyeshadow! Think we'll have plenty for a good long while!

    @ Sue, aw, reminiscing about UD palettes :P Scratch is a beautiful colour.

    @ Lara, 's a good way to look at it! Getting my money's worth :P

    @ PinkSweetz, yeah, sorta! Considering that the UD palette is about 4 years old and the MAC eyeshadow about the same.

    @ Makeup Morsels, it is! I used to use those shades aaaal the time though. I think I only had the UD palette, Nylon and a few MAC pigment samples for a year or so!

    @ xmisslorix, aw no :/ Time for a dupe hunt!


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