Have You ever Bought Something just for the Packaging?

I think we've all had this 'dilemma' before. You've already got a cool taupe eyeshadow - but look! This one has patterns on the case! You put it back on the shelf and stare at it for all of about...3 seconds before picking it back up and buying it. But why? You know that within one week you'll have forgotten all about it, but you buy it anyway. That's just the way we consumers and make-up addicts are programmed - right?

Lets take MAC for example (a prime example). With every few limited edition collections, they will spice up the packaging so that die hard MAC fans will happily shell out cash for a product they probably already have in a different casing. I've seen so many people lately with the, 'I already own MAC Russian Red...but Wonder Woman has different packaging! I think I'll buy that too.' Um. WHY?! Chances are it's going to sit in the bottom of your drawer until you finish your first Russian Red, which, lets face it, is going to take about a year with daily wear. It's a waste of money and a waste of room.

I was left wondering about the products on my mental wishlist...

YSL Rouge Volupte lipsticks. Shiny gold tubes, art deco style logo, band of colour the same shade as the lipstick - of course I'd want one! It would look be awesome to whip it out of my bag on a night in town...a little, beautiful tube of lippy.
Bits and bobs from the Boots No.7 Spring collection. In all honesty, the colours of the products themselves bore me a bit. But look at the spattered lipstick tubes! Look! Aren't they lovely?! Holy crap. This is the point that it dawns on me that I really am suckered in by packaging...

Do I even need to explain? Ok, so a cat face shaped lipstick bullet isn't the most practical, and I'd feel a bit odd wiping one across my lips, but it's quirky. I like quirky. And the tubes themselves are beautifully decorated...there's even flamingoes! I must confess though, none of the colours appeal to me. They're all a bit 'blah'.

So I suppose I do buy things for the packaging, if I don't already own the shade and if I don't have something similar from another company. Humans are like magpies. Given the choice between two identical products, one in a plain, boring pot and one in a shining, gleaming pot - which one will we opt for? That question is rhetorical, by the way, I know which one we'd all opt for, whether you want to admit it or not. Strangely, I'm not even ashamed to own up to it, though I know it's a bit daft - but heck, wouldn't you feel like the very definition of 'chic' with one of those YSL lipsticks in your hand? Don't lie...I know you would....


  1. No, I dunno what you're on about *shifty eyes* lol
    I'll admit the packaging does entice me, isn't that how you notice the product in the first place? But upon closer inspection I realise it's not all that.
    I only own one of the Rouge Voluptes and what made me purchase them was the reviews I read about them, being super creamy and pigmented. That proved to be right and as for the packaging, it's one heavy b***h of a lipstick! Honestly that was my first thought! One a night out, apart from looking like I'm rolling in cash when I whip it out, it's also a great defence weapon from perverts!
    BASICALLY, say not to marketing strategies of pretty on the outside only!
    Good day :D

  2. buying things just for the packaging is my middle name!! haha xx

  3. i hold my hands up and say i am a massive sucker for pretty packaging....I may be known to buy a few rubbish quality products just for the packaging i really like lol xox

  4. Oh!! Packaging is my downfall!!!

    I go from the sleek Chanel packaging to lusting after pretty P&J goodies to wanting the adorable Japanese brands ALL BECAUSE OF PACKAGING!!!

  5. I agree, packaging is half the excitement for me.
    I feel NO joy whatsoever owning a plain clear plastic lipstick case..?

  6. *covers eyes* must not look at the pretty cat lipstick

  7. Those cat lipsticks are hilarious!

  8. I want the YSL lipsticks because of the packaging. I have no idea if the lipsticks are any good lol.


    I'm a sucker for packaging, especially knowing that a lot of companies simply repackage wholesale make up, I buy a specific brand b/c the superior packaging tells me it's better.

    I'm actually gonna do a post about this later, cuz I got the Loreal Volume Million Lashes mascara JUST BECAUSE OF THE SHINY GOLD TUBE. The product itself is shirt for my lashes, and now I'm out 8 bucks and only have straight, clumpy clashes to show for it -_-;;;

    Ps. I've always been really weirded out by those Paul and Joe lipsticks =/

  10. I do buy some things for the packaging.
    Usually from MAC haha.
    Although I only buy the colors that are limited edition, why spend money to get like russian red, like you said.

    i like to get like one or two pieces from the collections.
    Although I am the least die hard MAC fan. I only buy the packaging stuff from them! hah

  11. I totally do this too! Right now I have been eyeing all the TokiDoki stuff because I think the package is so cute. My willpower has been good so far ;)

  12. Urgh. I'm also a magpie. Yes, I like pretty, shiny, pink, floral, cutesy. Don't really care what's in it. I'm disgusted with myself.

  13. I've wanted a YSL lipstick for too long now! Love the art deco feel, and the quality looks amazing according to swatches.

    And, I do want ONE of the Paul&Joe lipsticks because I have a soft heart for kitties! :]

  14. hahaha oh yeah...about a third of the cosmetics in my stash were purchased solely because of the packaging.

  15. I love nice packaging, the worst is when it's so lovely (like one of my YSL palettes) that I wont touch it! I also by food for the packaging, Waitrose knows how to make me part with my card lol. xx

  16. I love those Paul & Joe lipsticks--especially the tubes.

    I've bought a few things for packaging reasons but if I end up hating the product... It's usually a regret.

  17. LMFAO at the cat faces!!! Im a sucker for packaging and anything with a cute name...(think OPI Nail varnishes)
    Nice post
    Love Nat xxx

  18. @ Anca, I do believe you have just given me another excuse to buy a YSL lippy! Well, if they double up as weapons - how could I not?! I guess useless products with pretty packaging are just like ornaments - pointless, but nice to look at.

    @ starsglittermagic, haha, I'm practically the same way!

    @ steph, I've done that too :S Most end up in blog sales, though!

    @ Old Cow, ahaha, I saw a Chanel face powder in a lovely box yesterday and instantly thought 'DO WANT.' without even reading the review!

    @ Cheeky Beauty, so true! It's much nicer using something with nice packaging. Have you seen the Shu Uemura lippy cases? They look SO NAFF and cheap! Puts me off buying any, especially at the price they are.

    @ xSaFarE, look! Look and buy! And then tell me I'm justified in wanting one haha

    @ sepia_raven, I know! First time I saw them I was a combination of amused and amazed haha :)

    @ cosmetics aficionado, I hear nothing but good things about them. I think this justifies our lusting after them!

    @ Widdlesh, I do the 'whos packaging looks better' on repacked make-up too. Mascaras are SO well advertised/ marketed! I think because they're the most popular make-up item. The paul and joe cat lippies are a bit creepy, but still awesome looking!

    @ Emily Anne, aha, I'm like that with MAC too! If a collection has some nice colours but standard packaging, I'm not as interested as I am in the ones with funky packaging.

    @ Susan, I almost got suckered into the TokiDoki stuff, too! So cute though :)

    @ Ash-Lilly, don't be disgusted if you have lots of pretties to show for it :P

    @ Rachel, same on both counts. I'm a real sucker for art deco inspired anything - possibly my favourite art movement!

    @ Make-up Morsels, apparently the same can be said for everyone else!

    @ Chicky, haha, I'm like that too! Only with lippies though. The bullets are so perfect until you use them :S I do the same for sweets! Anything bright and a bit weird looking and I'm sold haha

    @ Jennifer Leigh, the tubes are so pretty. Mmm, anything I regret buying usually gets passed on or sold. So it isn't too much of a loss if I know somebody else is enjoying it!

    @ Pixielashes, the cats faces own! So many polish companies use cutesy names!


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