FOTD - Smog and Glitter

I felt a bit granny yesterday, sitting in an oversized cardigan, grey tights and hair scraped in to a bun. I thought, perhaps a bit of glitz and glam would make me feel! This is a pretty 'every day with a bit more effort' look for me. Nothing like a hint of gold and some shimmer to make you feel more alive :)

EYES - UDPP, Darling Girl 'Calla', Darling Girl 'Cider', Urban Decay 'Smog', Sassy Minerals 'Understated', Darling Girl 'Tarnished', Yaby shell, Kryolan eyeliner, mascara.

FACE - Kryolan 'Ultra Foundation' as concealer, Collection 2000 'Matt + Minerals' foundation, Sleek 'Universal' powder, Topshop 'Nutmeg' blush.

LIPS - MAC 'Honeylove' lipstick, Taxi London 'Mile End' gloss.

When I hold my hair back in FOTD photos, I genuinely look like I'm trying to be cute or pose or something - I'm not, I just have the world's biggest side fringe haha. Word of warning on glittery eyeshadows - use a sticky base! I ended up with silver glitter over my face, which doesn't bother me, but I also got it in my eyes. Not good. Now I'm going to go and see if I can scavenge some of the orange cake my mum baked yesterday...

When do you wear glitter? As an 'everyday' thing, or just special occasions?


  1. The eyeliner is perfect!! :D and looks great on you!

  2. very pretty look! I tend to be one of the " whenever the mood strikes" club. Sometimes I'll wear smokey eyes, red lips, or glitter on random days just because. I don't believe there is such a thing as "day" or "night" makeup. =)

  3. I love your eyeliner! I wear glitter whenever I want - the only difference between day and night makeup for me is that I can't be arsed in the mornings!

  4. The eyeshadow is just beautiful here and your liner is sooo perfect.

    Very jealous :)

    Fee x

  5. This is really pretty. I am so jealous of your eyeliner skills! I don't really wear glitter at all anymore, unless it's in a pigment. It's annoying for me now and I hate getting it everywhere, especially in my eyes.

  6. I loved it! I wish I could wear glitter more often...i now stock with only special occasions...

  7. Lovely look :) I just wear whatever I'm in the mood for, I wouldnt leave glitter for a special occasion, it's too prettyfuls :) x

  8. I love how you line your eye. So delicate and beautiful.

  9. @ Aru, thanks! I really need a new eyeliner sometime soon :S

    @ MissTat, I think it's always good to wear whatever you feel like wearing! I must admit I've noticed myself sticking to neutrals only in the day, though...

    @ Robyn, ahaha, I guess that's a good difference for their to be!

    @ Fee, thanks :) Been loving this combo lately, I never usually repeat them but I wore it again yesterday!

    @ Kaushal, thanks, chuck!

    @ Kimeberly, glitter is annoying when it spreads :/ I saw it described as 'the herpes of make-up' recently ahaha

    @ Blanca1018, sneak in some glitter! Like a glitter eyeliner over liquid eyeliner.

    @ MissEBlog, and prettyful things should always be seen!

    @ Cosmetics Aficionado, thanks m'dear!

    @ Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes, thanks - I can assure you it isn't a delicate or beautiful time as I do it. Just awkward angles staring in the mirror haha.

    @ Phyrra, 'Cider' is such a unique golden shade.


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