FOTD - An Eyeful of Urchins

I felt like going a bit bright today before hopping off to town to get some photos printed and have a nosey around the shops :)

[[ I keep pulling out my eyelashes, something I do when I'm stressed, will hopefully stop after uni interviews! ]]

[[ I sorta love wearing purple since it matches my zebra plug! ]]

EYES - UDPP, NYX 'Milk' jumbo pencil, Venomous Cosmetics 'Sea Urchin', Venomous Cosmetics 'Purple People Eater', Venomous Cosmetics 'Centipede', Sassy Minerals 'Understated', Kryolan liquid eyeliner, mascara.

FACE - Kryolan Ultra Foundation (as concealer), Collection 2000 'Matt + Minerals' foundation, Kryolan powder, Ben Nye blush.

LIPS - OCC 'Hush' lip tar, MAC 'Honeylove' lipstick.

Venomous Cosmetics 'Sea Urchin' is SUCH a good dupe for Urban Decay 'Fishnet'. Both colours are hard to photograph well, though :/ 'Hush' is one of my newest lip tars and I'm not entirely sold on it sort of clashes with my skintone and I had to dab on some 'Honeylove' to make it work for me. I think it would suit paler, girls with pinker skin tones better.

What colours are you wearing today? Don't forget to vote in my poll to the left!

(P.S) Would anybody be interested in a post entirely of photos of things I've made/ drawn/ painted on my college course? None of it is amazing but it might be handy if you're looking to study art!


  1. Gorgeous!!

    I would like to see things you've made and painted!:)


  2. your make-up is so pretty, I really need to start experimenting with colour. I never post EOTD/FOTD but want to x

  3. Oooh lovely!
    I'd be interested in seeing your art work. I'm horrendous at art but my sister is brilliant at it, she's studying to be a graphic designer. Even though i'm terrible at it I love looking at other peoples work :)

    Linsay x

  4. I love how soft this look is! And I'd really like to see your art, I'm thinking of posting something artsy on my blog too...hmmm but inspiration is needed...


  5. I love Sea Urchin!! I want to buy some pressed shadows and lip glosses from Venomous soon! And I will totally take Hush off your hands :)

    I would love to see your art too!

  6. I'm always drawn to purples.. today I got MAC Cobalt.. such a pretty color

  7. This is really pretty on you!

  8. Yeah, let's see your paintings ^^ I would be interested, I'm deeply into visual arts too =] Well I'm wearing a ton of colors today >> photos are in my newest post though. I also have a question! What do you think of honeylove vs. other nudey Mac lipsticks? Thanks Lily!!! <3

  9. @ R., thanks! I shall do a little post once my course has finished :)

    @ Beautiful You Beauty Blog, thanks! You should definitely post your make-up looks. I love seeing how everyone else does their make-up!

    @ smoosh_kissxx, thanks! I almost went into graphic design...well, illustration but it's SUCH a competitive field and so many people are qualified in it!

    @ Chuui, thanks, lemme know if you post something artsy!

    @ Kimberly, Sea Urchin is pretty :) The glosses are lovely! I'll let you know if I decide to sell Hush :]

    @ Sue, ditto, it's such a diverse colour.

    @ Phyrra, thanks!

    @ Mytigerlily, haha, they're nothing special but I'll post up sometime anyway! Yaaay! Colour ftw :D Honeylove is my fave lipstick of all time, it's great for folk with medium, yellow toned skin!


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