FOTD - Cider and Black

On Saturday I went in to town for a drink and a dance, as per always I planned to start and end the night with a nice pint of cider and black. I'm not sure if cider and black is a rather British thing...I've always thought of it as a kiddies way to drink cider (usually the drink of choice for 15 year olds who manage to get served in pubs) but hey - it's tasty! Anyway, I decided to wear Darling Girl 'Cider' with...well, a splash of black...

EYES - UDPP, FPE, Darling Girl 'Cider', Yaby black, Beauty UK shell and purple from palette 6, Kryolan liquid eyeliner, mascara, Soap & Glory 'Arch de Triumph'

FACE - Kryolan Ultra Foundation (as concealer), Collection 2000 'Matt + Minerals' foundation, Topshop 'Nutmeg' blush, Ben Nye pink blush, Sleek 'Peach' glo palette, Kryolan translucent powder.

LIPS - MAC 'Blankety'

We ended up in Rock Box, a place we hadn't been before since it's relatively new. If you're a regular on the Manchester rock scene, it's a bit like a merge of Rock Kitchen and Satan's Hollow, but bigger and louder. I bumped in to a lot of people I knew from other clubs, so I'm pretty sure this place is going to BOOM. Oh, and if you have to talk a guy into going - just tell him there are girls in underwear dancing in cages.

What's your drink of choice? Where's your favourite place go on a night out?


  1. Great makeup.You really love those earrings :)

  2. My favourite place to go on a night about used to be an alternative night called Delight down in Portsmouth. Good mix of indie, metal, ska, punk, drum and bass, emo crap, etc, ridiculously cheap drinks and you knew *everyone.* You got a sugar high off cheap alcopops, lost your shoe in the pit and then it was only a five minute walk home! I miss it D:

  3. sweet jesus how pretty is this. that first photo is one of your best photos evar. woah!! xx

  4. love it :D
    where did you get your layout? I like that you have tabs on top ... not sure how to do that :D

  5. Beautiful! Must try this look one day. I always seem to have hard time blending dark colors in my crease.

  6. I haven't heard of Cider and Black before :) Had to look it up. My drink of choice is water lol. I'm a really party animal.

  7. This is beautiful!
    You always have the best looks!

    I don't have a favorite drink at the moment.
    But I do love to go out to the casinos here,
    it seems like that is where everyone goes to
    hang out and have a good time!

  8. Love the little pop of purple on the lower lashline!

    I wish I lived in your town, the closest alt clubs are an hour away and I hear they're pretty poo =/

  9. this is a gorgeous look :) i think i will try it out soon xx

  10. @ Dragonfly Accessories, they're plugs. So basically body jewellery - like people usually wear the same nose ring or tongue bar. I do need to buy some new ones though!

    @ Robyn, aaar, that sounds awesome! It's pretty darn good in Manchester because there are two blocks right next to each other with loads of awesome bars and clubs along it. Everyone knows each other too, tis lovely!

    @ Alex, thank you!

    @ CopyCat, I just made it in blogspot's template designer. The tabs on top are pages, you have the option of either having them under your header or at the side :)

    @ Susan, thanks, 'Cider' is so gorgeous. Try using a fluffy pencil brush instead of a usual eyeshadow brush, practically blends everything for you as you apply!

    @ Susan, thank you, lovely!

    @ Makeup Morsels, it's just cider with a good splash of black currant cordial in it. It is really nice, though! Ha, I'm about as hardcore as you usually then - water and cups of tea!

    @ Emily Anne, thank you! You should try Southern Comfort and lemonade or Sours shots. Just gorgeous! Never been to a casino before but loads of people I know love them. It's always good when somewhere becomes a really welcoming hang out :)

    @ SilhouetteScreams, thanks! Love this purple shade. Come to Manchester! There are two blocks right next to each other chock full of rock clubs and bars. Everyone is so friendly too, you never have a bad night!

    @ Irishenchantment, thanks! I hope it goes well for you :)


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