False Eyelashes are Wigs for the Lids!

Until recently, I never saw the point in natural looking falsies - lets face it, if you have a full set of your own, they don't make any more difference than a decent mascara would do. Falsies for me are all about the 'WHAM, GLAM, SEX, DRUGS, ROCK 'N' ROLL!' not the 'Care for tea and biscuits, Mabel?' if you catch my drift. That is, until recently...

[[ Hello, huge gap and tiny, thin layer of lashes...]]

Look at the state of that. Yes, I'm back into the habit of pulling my eyelashes out. It's a little 'twitch' I've had since primary school which always reappears when I'm stressed. I used to pull out my eyebrows and chunks from the back of my head when I was younger, too, but luckily that passed as I grew up. It has been suggested that I suffer from trichotillomania, but I don't think I do...I can't really explain it. It's never really bothered me and it's become something I know I will compulsively do when I'm under pressure - so when it happens it's no real surprise or concern.

[[ The most natural looking lashes in my collection - sorry, I don't know the make!]]

Mascara looks a bit daft on me at the minute. It looks like I've got about three randomly placed insect legs on each eye so I decided today that I would try some fake eyelashes instead. Nothing dramatic, nothing huge...just whispy and natural looking. The result?

[[ Oh falsies, how I love thee ]]

Well, I don't look like I've been yanking at my eyelashes, do I? Plus, because I know they're not 'mine' or actually a part of me I'm not tempted to pull at them. Winner!

[[ Happy happy happy! Believe it or not ahaha ]]

Luckily, I always know the causes when I'm stressed and stop pulling my eyelashes out shortly after the cause is dealt with. This time around it's down to preparing for uni interviews and the future in general. However, once the interviews are over it will be time to party, relax, have fun and lashes (real and otherwise) will be rock 'n' roll once more :D


  1. Oh thats such a shame that you do that! I know how you feel though, when I get stressed I tug at my hair and then realise that I have pulled a clump out, not a great look! You wouldn't even notice that you have falsies on in that picture though! Hope you become less stressed out soon! xx

  2. oooh ouchies to pulling out your lashes ... that must be horrible especially when you can't really help doing it. The natural falsies look really good on you and erm... really natural! Win!

    I just pulled out all my lash extensions yesterday and am left with hardly any lashes - i am going to use rapid lash to help growth xx

  3. I used to have this problem with my bottom lashes and the back of my hair too. Thank gawd for falsies x

  4. Pulling your hair out is a type of self harming, it's no different to cutting yourself. Hope you're stress levels go down soon. xx.

  5. I hope you are ok and those lashes look really natural, infact I have followed you for a couple of weeks now and in all the pics you could not tell whether the lashes are real or not. I used to bite my nails when I was stressed, am breaking the habit slowly and have got a nice shape but they are quite short and never seem to grow really long. But i think everyone has a 'thing' they do when they are stressed or worried. Hope you get to the stage where your stress levels stop you doing this, good luck xx

  6. Ooooh those lashes are really lovely, Lily :) I know the habit sucks but I really hope you can get past it. I think more people than you realize have those nervous habits... I bite my nails, my husband plucks out his facial hair, I know someone who pulls their eyebrows as well. Sending you lots of good luck-ness!

  7. ooh ouch! that sounds painful :( however, those lashes are gorgeous! i scratch my wrists when im nervous and chew my lips, everyones got their wee habits i think, hope your stress goes away soon though!

    linsay x

  8. Totally know how you feel. I have been plucking out my eyebrows for about 2 years now. I have to constantly draw them on. It's annoying but i can't help it. Only found out recently that other people do it too.

  9. whoa that really sucks =( thank god there are fake eye lashes

  10. What brand are those lashes? They look so pretty and natural on you!! :)


  11. I pull at hair when I'm under fire too. I also feel you on interviews, I'm currently going through a butt load.

  12. I totally did this when I was younger. Up until I was 19 or 20 and then I got a lot more vain. Stress is what causes it the most. Try to do more things to relax you. Youre still pretty though

  13. Ah, stress sucks. I clench my teeth so hard at night that my jaw aches in the morning :-(
    Your falsies look fantastic.

  14. Argh I do this too! I always have to use loads of my Talika Eyelash Lipocils to help them grow back. I definitely wouldn't have guessed that your lashes are false though, a great find! xx

  15. I used to pull out my eyelashes at the corners when I was younger, but it seems to be something Ive just grown out of!

    The false lashes look beautiful on you :) Really gorgeous, they dont even look fake if Im honest!

  16. @ Emily, it is a shame and I get annoyed with myself when I see the state of my eyelashes but they'll grow back soon! Thanks :)

    @ Saskia, yeah it's quite frustrating at times. I saw your pic of pulled out extensions on Twitter! Eee, looked painful :S I hope they recover well!

    @ Jenny, it is annoying isn't it? Strangely I don't pull my bottom lashes...Thank God indeed!

    @ Nikki, it is different to self harming since self harmers intend to temporarily replace one type of pain with another. I don't. It's a compulsion, like people with OCD.

    @ Nicole, thanks :) The last few FOTDs have all been my natural lashes, just started to load on the black eyeliner so you can't tell how sparse they are as much! Indeed, I think everyone reacts strangely to stress at some point. I hope you get over your nail biting!

    @ Wendy, thanks! Yes, so many people pull their eyelashes, too, but nobody seems to say anything about it until it's brought up in conversation somehow...I got a message from somebody yesterday saying they were grateful I posted this since they have had a habit of pulling their hair and now they wear wigs.

    @ Linsay, thanks! Yeah, everyone has their strange ways of coping with stress!

    @ Rossaaay, I think it's far more common than most people know. Apparently people who do it are usually ashamed and try to hide it, so it never gets talked about. It's a relief knowing so many others do it too, though!

    @ Elisa, it does! Gotta love falsies!

    @ R, I think they're Naturalite 109s...I can't be totally sure since I threw away the outer sleeve ages ago.

    @ Rachel, good look with your interviews!

    @ L, I think a lot of it starts when you're a kid. I remember I started pulling my eyelashes when I was seven and we were moving house. That's the first case of stress I remember because I REALLY didn't want to move.

    @ Ash-lilly, eee that sounds painful!

    @ Caroline, I was debating getting a lash growing supplement or serum but I think I'd still just pull them out! Waste of money I guess. Thanks :)

    @ Alex, I hope I grow out of it! Thanks, nobody commented on them so I guess they looked real enough :)


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